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Ornamental White Ginger flowering for the 1st time.

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I planted this last year & it promptly 'died'! I thought I'd lost it - but it popped up last month!!
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Me either Dave - I just hope we get some more rain!! Thanks!


I can't wait to see it next year when its multiplied.


Here's hoping snooker - with some decent rain!!!

Thanks Cathy - it really pleased me to see it doing so well & then flowering - especially with our dry summer!


How wonderful that this beautiful flower bloomed for you!! Thank you for sharing it with us. : )

Looks like a winner!


Thanks Floyd - and it's succeeding too :))) Thanks!!


That is a great looking plant that wanted to be nice for you.
Thanks Rob.


Some of the ornamental gingers have these little side flowers Beekay - I'm waiting to see if more appear!! Thanks!

Thanks Barb - it's only about 10" high, so I'm hoping it will get lots bigger!!


Kudos for having a new plant, Rob :) And you will have a nice clump as it will multiply :)


Interesting how it has just a little purple...Thanks Robyn!


Sorry I missed your last comment Janet - we crossed! I thought it was late too - but I'll take it anytime it wants to flower!! :)))) I'm still learning about these ornamentals, as they're new to me!! Thanks Janet :))


It's just the one Ami - but new shoots are popping up around it!! Which is great :))))


Very pretty Rob, yes I noticed the little touch of purple too. That is probably the actual flower and the rest is the bract. That's quite late for a ginger to pop up now, mine are looking like going down again. Glad that you hadn't lost it. Hugs, janet


It looks like there are two plants or am I just seeing things!?


It sure was Ami - thanks!!

Yes, Janet - there's a couple of dark purple mini-blooms on it! Thanks!

My green-thumb neighbour, Toyomi, told me that this is usual for some gingers Laura - so now I know what to expect!! Live & learn :)))) Thanks!


Great that you didn't lose it, after all!


I see a little purple on the smaller bloom. Glad it made it for you robyn.


What a pretty and nice surprise!!!

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