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Amsterdam, Netherlands - Canal View

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Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, has more than one hundred kilometers of grachten (canals), about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges.
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  1. evina560:37
  2. Dclo0:40
  3. era40:42
  4. glenestele0:47
  5. Dilubreuer0:49
  6. brightspark0:50
  7. jasonchung20:51
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  10. slava20:54


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Thank you, Annie! ☺


De Amsterdamse grachten 6toedcats .


Thanks, Marina - it certainly looks like an enjoyable way to spend the day!


Oh heavens, brightspark, I'd STILL be doing matter when I started, lol. Unfortunately, the "real" thing doesn't work with cats. :(


This is the day for a canal trip to anywhere in Amsterdam. Thanks. for this photo and memories. Marina.


Beautiful - we did a puzzle similar to this pic in 1000 pieces xxxxxxxx ♥☺♥


Thanks, Maddie, I figured it was a good one. Have some issues going on and lack of time, but I'll be back. :) ♥♥


Cats, are you okay, I just saw you haven't been here for quite some time..
Take care ♥


Hey, the capital of my country :-)))) Thanks for showing this one Cats


Thank you, and I agree, Lena. Sometimes we look more carefully at places at a distance than we do those nearer to us.


With great pleasure would be like there, looked, listened to the sound of water and city life :))


Thanks, Jason and John. :)


Thank you, Wendy, so many beautiful places on Jigidi I'd like to see.


Thank you 6tc for your good wishes for John and me.

We wish you a great Happy Labour Day weekend.

Best regards, Jason and John.


A very lovely photo cats. Would love to visit there............Wendy


Thank you, Jason. It's always nice to revisit fun memories. Best to you and John for a Happy Labor Day weekend.


Thank you, 6tc.

Photos of Amsterdam always bring back memories of my vacation in Holland.

Best regards, Jason.

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