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Wake up, human. My food dish is only 99% full.

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  1. Dilubreuer0:18
  2. Askardion0:23
  3. Deanna0:24
  4. wjl10150:24
  5. Watchman0:24
  6. youngone0:25
  7. gayle20150:26
  8. Hjalmar0:26
  9. jyl0:26
  10. Cadreamer0:26


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Last photo on my list,,,I just love this face! ... Sherry :))))


YO, when Fergus (my Avatar) was with us, he made darned sure of that and grumble though I might, I confess I was his willing slave. They don't call me 'Pushover Pam' for nothing. ☺☺☺

Guess we've found one person willing to get up at 5:00AM. :)


Goodness me, the mea culpas are tripping off my tongue, O Glorious One. This unforgivable oversight shall be remedied at once. ♥☺♥☺♥


Great idea!! :)

LOL Good idea! :)


I have lived among cats for so long I have the gait of a woman walking through sand. But at 5 am... I have a squirt bottle. 0-:

Sure is, Carol. TY :)

Well, Molly, I'm sort of with Sherry on this one. Not at 5:00AM, but would love to see that face a little later in the morning. :)

Every time this puzzle comes back, it makes me smile...such a sweet face...probably not at 5 am, b ut just adorable...Sherry :)))

How could you get upset in the morning with this little face looking at you...?--------------------Molly


That's adorable, YO, TFS -- Carol

LOL, jyl. So true. :)

Yes, the pursed lips and wide eyes definitely say, "Please". :)


It does look like it is saying PLEEEASE


. . . and, oh! I left you a smelly present in the litter box.

Thanks, Hjalmar, okie and Juba. Think we have all seen that look at one time or another. :)


Yes I have seen that face in mine before on a different colored cat! Thanks youngone:-)


Ain't this the truth! :-P


Been there!

It is a sweet face, Sherry. Doesn't look too underfed, PD, just slightly demanding. :)

Look at that sweet face! ... Sherry :)))


Wakey, wakey! I'm STARVING!! :o)

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