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it's an old Johnny Carson joke. what is an exploding sheep?........maybe

Sis Boom Ba = Missy/Sissy :-))
Very pretty in your avatar. How about a puzzle someday? And more of your others. Thank you. -Patsy


blackie only lasted a couple of years. bootzie may be a trial name. Missy is my avatar that you see at the left. it's short for 'Sis Boom Ba' which is her registered name. or i have called her Sissy

Thanks for the intro to your current quartet. I hope you'll give us more puzzles with all four, with names so we can get to know them. I've found puzzles with Thomas two, Skeeter and Princess, but not Missy.

Previously you posted puzzles of Blackie and Bootzie. Gone?


i just have four, now. two outside and one inside and one part time outside/inside! Princess is outside, she doesn't get along with the others, so it best she stays outside. her brother, (new) Thomas is an outdoor kitty. Skeeter, my favorite, is the indoor/outdoor kitty, and Missy is the indoor kitty!

I've bookmarked a nice puzzle with Thomas. So he's gone too! Thomas and Angel were with you and each other for a long time in Florida and wherever you are now, and they are together in kitty heaven. What cats are in your household now?
Our present 4 cats have been with us since 2012, after 3 closely bonded senior cats had died over the previous 3 years. Maybe I'll post some more puzzles soon. -Patsy




how many kitties do you have?


i have photos of her about the house, with Thomas. they both came up from S. Florida with me when i moved here, in '12. he died in '13 of cancer of the stomach. they had been best bubs for many years.....

So, so sorry to hear this news. I hope you can forgive yourself, replace the guilt with good memories of this beautiful cat. Thank you for sharing her photos with us.


Angel is in kitty heaven. she was killed by a neighbors dog about four am one morning. i still feel guilty because the one night that she spent out she got killed. she was pushing my buttons and to punish her i made her stay out. the dog jumped his fence and then jumped my fence.

This puzzle is 5 years old. Is Angel still in your family? Any recent photos?


Pretty kitty :)

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