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Thread count embroidery - Lincoln Memorial - Washington, D.C.

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35 pieces
45 solves
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  1. like921150:59
  2. anettka851:09
  3. evina561:13
  4. Dilubreuer1:23
  5. javersano1:25
  6. Anoon1:27
  7. cheerio161:37
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Is this cross stitch Ardy? I salute those who can makes them, i just can't...


Pat, you've been busy tonight. I thank you and the Lincoln Memorial thanks you. It hasn't had very many solves. I think it was feeling a little left out.


Beautiful thanks Ardy


Glad you enjoyed it Mary. I had a lot of fun making it. Thanks for coming by.


More wonderful needlepoint! Beautiful! 3:07 Thanks, Ardy!


Thanks Barb. It sure can be relaxing as long as one doesn't make an error. Enjoyed your puzzles today but shuddered with your report of snow.


Another fine work of embroidery. My stepmother does a lot of this type of hand work and says she finds it very relaxing. :-)


Somebody pushed me off.


Hi, I did not see, ohhhhh I am a lonely star.................


Thank you, Ank. I see you are on the board.


Love it Ardy, thanks


What was most fun, Hanne, was visiting the shop when I was in Copenhagen and talking with the ladies there. They recognized my name from orders I had made from them. It was so delightful. They had things on the walls there that were not in the catalogs. I had a great time. Thanks for coming by.


Next time I go to Copenhagen and go into town, I'll try to come as far as to Clara Weaver's shop and look what she has got in her windows!! I think it's fantastic that you got your patterns from Copenhagen really!! Thanks for telling about it it's indeed interesting, Ardy!!


Thank you, Naoma, for coming by and sharing a comment. Thank you, too, for the compliment.


I have loved all of them. You do great work. Never was able to cross stitch. Thank you for sharing. Naoma


Building six of six on the bell pull created for the American Bicentennial 1976.

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