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Happy Birthday Libby

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Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. It was kinda boring other than the raw meal.

I won't be doing Father's Day...too much. To all of you daddy's, hope you have a great day.


Happy Birthday. As God told Brother Paul, "My grace is enough".


Happy Birthday !! ☺♥♥


In case I didn't say it before, Happy Birthday. Try to enjoy the time with your new friends. :)


Happy Birthday Libby. You have a lot of people in your life that care about you. God is good. Hugs!




Sorry I'm late with this....I do hope that you made it through the day. You have "grown stronger" and all those special times will get easier to recall. Hugs, dear girl.


So nice to hear from you Libby and I hope you have a great Birthday.


Lib, I pray that each succeeding birthday will become easier for you.


Thank you @ulangariver! It was sad, but not AS sad as I was afraid it would be...with all the wonderful wishes that brightened my day!


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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. @CJ45, I checked in, just a little late.

Today has been hard but I saw my mom and Ryan called and talked for an hour. I played the short voice mail message Ryan sent me so I could hear Charles voice.

I just have to make it until after his birthday in August and I should be okay. I can do it. It won't be easy, but I can do it.

The place you were looking for with regard to my marriage, it is called heaven...I still have trouble believing you don't! I love you and pray for you often Clive!!


Thank you iceng, Donna, Bill and iris for your nice comments.


Sending a huge smile and heart of encouragement on her special days. Jigidi is a great place for healing. ☺♥♥


Happy birthday, Libby. 🎂


Happy Birthday, Libby. I know you are still hurting, but know we are still here for you in your low as well as your joyful times. You just need to rely on us to help you get through your days and nights. I would have never made it through my loss without my Jigidi friends. They are still a Godsend, truly a blessing. Hugs, Sweetie.


Thank you so much Maria I am not sure Libby will respond she is so shocked to have Charles to leave her even after these years , so so ,sad.


Enjoying your posted puzzle images ..
Happy Birthday Libby..!!!
Hope you can keep posting them for a very long time. Alex... :-))


Oh, Wanda and Pam and , I think Libby will felt too over welcomed as she Has missed Charles so much to reply to me.
There marriged was as made in what can I say was above the clouds in the sky ' And she has missed him so much and will never get over her lose so, so sad.


Happy Birthday, Libby! May you have a wonderfully blessed day. Smiles & many ((HUGS)) ;-)


Happy Birthday, Libby. Have a wonderful day. Wanda

Thoughtful posting, Ciive. Wanda


My pleasure Pam


Thank you, Clive, for thoughtfully posting this birthday puzzle for Libby. ☀️


Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Libby. ☺︎♥︎


Happy Birthday Libby, do have a great day.

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