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  1. anettka851:01
  2. grum1:09
  3. Kuanna1:22
  4. snooker1:22
  5. nfgxfreak1:23
  6. jkw_2581:24
  7. braafmeiske1:25
  8. gojoe1:27
  9. starlord1:29
  10. PastorMike1:33


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@ Pkin: I never claimed that cooking is a woman's job. I just said it is not MY job. Major difference. But indeed, the best chefs are men. As are designers.
@ Robbiel: Right on :-) If she did something else than sitting, the time would fly. Must be that she does need her hubby and feels lost without him. Poor thing. And since you're a chef, I think you should be addressed like that. :-)


If she shot some game, cooked it in the pan, rolled some pastry then swept the kitchen, she wouldn't look so bored starlord!!.....( PD I do all the cooking at home and I am a COOK.).........I do know what you are saying though!


I love the way men claim that cooking is a woman's job--that is, of course, until it comes to restaurants, where men claim that the best chefs (a fancy word for people who cook) are all men...


Let him have all the items? Now let's see
Broom: that's for cleaning, don't need that one
Rolling pin: That's for cooking, not my job
Pan: Same as above
Gun: That's okay, I can use that. For selfprotection ofcourse.


Hi girls lets start the big fun.


Love your idea Jan


Let him have all of the items on the wall. Consecutively and with great enthusiasm......... It's always nice to share, isn't it?


Then watch out...


Let him have what? Dinner? A drink? A foot rub? A massage?


I'd say forget it. Wait until he caomes home and goes to sleep. Than let him have it.

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