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THEME ODD BUILDINGS:- Wooden Gangster House (Archangelsk, Russia)

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The 13-story, 144-foot-tall residence of the local entrepreneur Nikolai Petrovich Sutyagin was reported to be the world's, or at least Russia's, tallest wooden house. Constructed by Mr. Sutyagin and his family over 15 years (starting in 1992), without formal plans or a building permit, the structure deteriorated while Mr. Sutyagin spent a number of years in prison for racketeering.
In 2008, it was condemned by the city as a fire hazard, and the courts ordered it to be fully demolished by February 1 2009. On December 26, 2008, the tower was pulled down, and the remainder was dismantled manually over the course of the next several months. The remaining four-storey structure burned to the ground on May 6, 2012
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well that gave me a chuckle....I hadn't even thought of the horrors of living beside it.....great


I don't think it was pass any Health & Safety legislation either, and I certainly wouldn't want it next door to me.☺ Thanks Robin.


I guess certainly wouldn't pas the building codes is a great puzzle though


I think in some countries, and you are rich, you can get away with quite a lot Robin.


wow.....what a weird dad was a builder......he would have had a fit at all the mistakes made dude I guess
thanks picture....robin


Sounds like he could have been classed as a local celebrity hence the name entrepreneur.
He couldn't have been any good at racketeering or he would have lived in a better place than this.


I like how the racketeering is passed off as being an entrepreneur.


Maverick Architecture is right SlapHappy. I wouldn't step foot in the place not even to arrest him! ☺


liking the maverick architecture, apparently with rebel 'tude to match


Thanks Willy.


Now that is what you call an odd house


Thank you Diana.




Yes can you imagine the sorts of buildings that would be standing if there were no permits, so you are welcome catmo.☺


Wow- quite the structure! So now we understand the reason for building permits. Got to give him A for effort and initiative, though. Thanks for the story and picture-- very interesting.

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