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Bratty Brother Reads Sister's Diary With Friends

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The cover of "The American Weekly" Magazine, May 30th, 1954.

The American Weekly was a Sunday newspaper supplement published by the Hearst Corporation from November 1, 1896, until 1966.
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  1. Annemiekm11:15
  2. crashman12:07
  3. luckylindy7813:13
  4. charityyy13:16
  5. KatieK13:45
  6. Kath6414:19
  7. 01saro14:26
  8. camwebb88814:49
  9. frannieb215:07
  10. Schirl4515:19


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Susan, I agree that there is something really nice about "meeting" people here from all over. In addition to what I said about having no discipline with regard to keeping a diary, I too felt that my life wasn't sufficiently interesting to put pen to paper, so I'm glad to hear that it's 'not only me'. xoxo JM

Lynne, it has certainly been a pleasure on my side to have met you and I'm honored that you call me a friend. Honestly, the same to you from me. This may sound a bit negative but I'm always wary of people who claim to have "fifty close friends" lol. Is that even Possible? xoxo JM


I never wanted a Diary; I didn't think I had anything interesting to write down in a book. I also enjoy our chats with one and the other and the ones I have with the friends in The Czech Republic, Russia, The Netherlands and other spots around the world. I love all the new things I learn from you all.


The nicest thing about chatting here is the fact that we keep it short and sweet, and never bore each other. Thank you for the personal messages you send me. I have few friends, and you are one of them. I appreciate you, also. xoxo

Lynne, My mom put the fear of God into us about never disrespecting each other's privacy; it was really a "thing" in our house since we lived cheek-by-jowl. I never kept a diary either, though, but that was because I had no discipline! :-D JM


And I know brothers would do that if they had a chance! And that is why I never kept a diary! ;-) Fun puzzle Jeanne Marie. Thank you xoxo

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