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Sunday Dinner

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Pasta salad, green beans, breaded chicken fillets and a biscuit with jelly.
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  1. lordmojo3:00
  2. popoko4:41
  3. dartagnan4:47
  4. susannea4:57
  5. Avalanche5:00
  6. Spyra795:11
  7. yarnover5:12
  8. Carol665:19
  9. trailrider5:27
  10. tbaustin6:18


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Eileen, I am with you. Love green beans.........will eat them raw, or with a dip, or cooked, or...........


Hi Jaklien, your list is right on! Thank you. :)


Your dinner looks more than tasty!


Carol, some prescriptions that relieve or even prevent stomach acid complaints:

- Avoid copious and high-fat meals.
- Find out which drinks or foods trigger your complaints (e.g. alcohol, carbonated drink, peppermint, coffee, chocolate, sharp spices, citrus fruits) and try to avoid them.
- Eat small quantities.
- Do not eat too late. Stop eating about three to four hours before bedtime.
- Do not wear squeezing clothes near the stomach.
- Don't bend over. Don't get down on your knees.
- Do not lie down after eating or do any physical exercises.
- Raise the head end of your bed by about 10 cm (but do not put an extra pillow under your head).


green beans are my favorite vegetable! !!! : )


Yes, very early dinner Sally. I seldom eat after about 3:00PM these days......but,
doing that pretty much solved my acid reflux! (Ah, the joys of being a senior citizen.)

Eileen, ok, you don't have to eat your green beans. :))))))


I put this together in the order of my favorites!
(chicken, pasta salad, biscuit and green beans.) It was delicious!
Dusty : )
Yum, Yum!

Yum! Early dinner.

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