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I am a ball of manipulation, sir

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  2. evielou0:08
  3. JennyG660:09
  4. youngone0:09
  5. mgm500:09
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  7. Apiary320:09
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What a sweetie.-------------------Molly


That's a sad story, but it was best for the horse. We live on a ranch, so there's no boarding fee to pay, just feed and hay expenses. Our animals have a forever home, so we have to put them down when it's time. It's nice to have memories of horse back riding, isn't it? :0} -- Carol


Oh Carol, I love horses, too. Never had one but did do some riding when I could. I know my cousin, years ago, had to get rid of her horse, it was so sad. I used to ride her. She couldn't afford to keep her anymore so she did go to a good and appreciative home..............Wendy


I know, Wendy. I have a old horse with bad feet and shoulders, and when this one goes, I'm not getting another horse, as much as I love them. I can't ride much anymore, and they just become pasture ornaments here. When these 5 cats go, we decided we wouldn't have cats living in the house anymore because we're both allergic to cat hair, and the house is full of a limitless supply of cat hair dust. I'm not sure I can have a cat that doesn't at least spend all day in the house, and all night when it's really cold. -- LOL Carol


Oh youngone, they are all so adorable. I love this little one. My granddaughter informed me that her cat, which is gorgeous, is going to have kittens. It killed me, but I said no, I don't want one. It's a lie, but a 77 years old, no, I don't want to start over. I have 2 cats and a dog, and when they are gone, that is it for pets. I hate it, but I have to think of the pets..............Wendy

Hey there, I'm waving back at you. Thank you youngone….so sweet. Bev.

my favorite for the day.


Oooh this is the sweetest face what is your command oh sweetness!


.....and I love being manipulated by furry paws, so let's meet up, Ok? ♥☺♥

Yes, and we'll jump to it. :)


You don't have to manipulate anyone, honey, just let us know what you want.



Oh, cutie pie, you could manipulate me anytime!! TFS, YO. :)

Has great markings! :)

And you do it so well! ... Sherry :)))



Oh yes you ARE! :o)

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