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Rem 700 VLS in .22-250 Remington and Watson

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This is my rifle in .22-250 Remington. In the upper right hand corner are the rear feet of my colleague Watson, who feels the need to grace a photo with his likeness from time to time. For the record, it weighs eleven pounds, four ounces and is intended to be shot from a rested position. It is effective on 'varmint' category animals, ground hogs, gophers, squirrels, rabbits and perhaps up to wolf sized critters.

This image is appropriate for all users. Those having emotional difficulties with firearms may experience some discomfort.


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Jack, that sounds rather sad to me. Those who want to run everyone's life are trying to do the same here in the United States. They are horrified and offended someone might enjoy life.

From the list of 'scores' it sound like a fair shooting old machine.


I was happy with the Harper government due to its repeal of that stupid law which only funneled money to New Brunswick.


................well Montgomery, you forced me to first, find my powder bible, dust it of and delicately turn the pages to my for accuracy was 38.0 grs IMR 4831 using a magnum primer and a 36 grain Nosler match point, and for a higher velocity IMR 4895 and a 40 grain Nosler Varmint and a note indicating 'Nosler vel: 4500 FPS/2295@300yds' now is that an old misprint for muzzle velocity or did I mean FPS with the Nosler Varmint............unfortunately, I don't remember, but just the same that's 4X the speed of sound and 2X at 300 yds....... looking back (all those stats from June 1983) are just a memory........
.........and I find (May 8th, 1982) and I quote: '22-250, wacked a crow at 575 yds', along with: '22-250, blew groundhog at 400 yds'.............I do remember taking down a decent (white tail) buck at over 500 yds with the 22-250 (resting on sand bags from the hood of my truck).......then some '@#hole in government decided to ban the .22 caliber for use on any 'big game' I folded my arms (no pun intended) and conformed like a proper Canadian does.........real shame...
.........I have to close and put the old bible back in its place in the cabinet (were all my hunting rifles use to be stored) sold every thing (Late 90s after the stupid gun registry law came into affect)......didn't want to have anything to do with it.....gave up hunting..............but that's another story......
..............have a great day boys, always a fascinating subject.......!


Our coach did 2 1/2" group at 1000yd followed by a 3 1/2" group with his 50 cal. He has the wind doping down. My wife with a 223 shots a bit tighter group @500 than I.


Hjalmar; 8 inches at 500 yards is suitable for most anything. Okay, maybe not setting world records for accuracy, but for me and the guys I know, not bad at all.

Reloading with 'match' grade bullets cannot hurt, once you get the load close to right. Don't get in a hurry, clean the brass well, trim and so forth. I suggest you chronograph the SST ammunition and determine the velocity. (With a heavier bullet, the velocity might be a bit slower.) Then load to get a similar velocity and then alter things from there. Traditionally the 'faster' powders (IMR 4895, for instance) do well for tight groups, but I get good results from IMR 4831, which is 'slower'.


Jack: My initial thought is trajectory is influenced by air resistance. NOT the windage drift, being blown off by cross wind, but simple resistance to movement. This often increases with distance (and therefore more air resistance).

Also possible is the transition from super sonic-speed to sub-sonic speed. Although at 400 yards I would expect a .22-250 bullet to still be super-sonic.

Not to mention 'expectations'. A 2.5 inch group at 400 yards is .63 minutes of angle (MOA). That's not a best rest winning group, but it's quite respectable. It should connect regularly with a ground hog. A quarter (the quarter I have) measures right at one inch. A one inch group at 300 yards is about .30 MOA. So the group is doubling between 300 and 400 yards.

One could also have more difficulty focusing on the target at 400 yards. Mirage from the ground also occurs to me.

That's all I can theorize. Doesn't sound like anything is amiss with the rifle or the ammunition.


Hjalmar. Scope usually stays set for 100 yards; I mostly shoot targets. However, with the load I use, I've put together a range setting chart, so I know how many 'clicks' of elevation for different ranges.

Ammunition: I reload my own. Best seems to be a 52 grain Speer bullet with H380 powder.

Rifle is a rather as sold Remington 700 VLS. I keep thinking I need to install a Timney trigger, but haven't yet.


@boston_jack Thanks for your expertise. I use a 30-06 and Hornady SST 165 ammunition. Am shooting about an 8" group at 500yd. Want to try some match grade 168gr. Once I finish this case, then I will have enough brass to reload. And the brass has been shot from the gun. Remington 700 trigger.


............interesting question for Montgomery, Hjalmar, looking forward for his comment..........
............back in the day (hunting years) my all time favorite caliber was a 'home' made .22-250 heavy barrel (weighed, with scope: 29 lbs) with a German Mauser 98K bolt action, single shot. I used a Tasco Wide field 30/30 reticle 4-12 zoom scope.........depending on what was on the menu I would scope in anywhere from 0-200 or 0-300 yds and the very exceptional 0-400 yds.........
...................up to 0-300 with the Tasco I could group three rounds inside a quarter but had trouble on the 0-400 yds , maybe a grouping of 2½ in diameter (I remember spending hours trying for a smaller grouping, but it never happened)...........
..........spent endless nights reloading..........I have a 40 page book of every recipe I used for reloading with all the test results for every caliber I owned..........
...................and as I said, I simply loved this caliber........a real joy to use.......


Nice rifle. What range do you zero the scope for? What ammunition do you like?

boston_jack that is sweet..............was my kind of joy..............and say hi to Watson.........


It is a fixed power 36x BSA (made in China). It works better and longer than I had expected.


Nice gun.
What power scope are you using?