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Cosmos or Cosmea

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This home sown Cosmos sits in a pot in the front garden. I really love this colour!☺
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Thanks, Betty:)

Lovely and I agree great color! Love the white patch. :))


Thank you, Lynetteoz. I was hoping I got it wrong, but I'm glad you took my warning at heart....nothing but the best for a good and safe live of our furry babies!
Catnip or catmint, most garden centers will sell it. In Goofie's (reduced) catnip field the plants are called Nepeta, they have also nice blooms and the leaves smell lovely too!:-)


A very vibrant and gorgeous colour Impie. I looked up the type of daisy I was going to plant for Willow and sure enough it is poisonous, so thank-you for the warning. Now I may try to find some catnip instead :-)


Hi Bren, thanks. I have 2 Cosmos seedlings in the ground and several others in pots.
I like the whites too, but I've never had an all white myself. Mine always have had even the slightest touch of pink in them!
The Cosmos plants I've had and have now are quite a variety in flowers, shape and colour/patterns! Just love it!☺


Thank you, GG. It's my pleasure! ☺☺
Each flower is beautiful but some really 'jump out'. The yellow hearts of Cosmos are very attractive to pollinators too, hence all the little yellow spots on the petals!


Wow! what a stunning colour! I have one in a pot but it's white - nowhere near as wonderful as this!


I love the color as well! So bright, and the contrast of the yellow makes it beautiful!! Thank you, Impie!! ☺


Yeah, nillie, thank you. I figured you'd love this one too! ...tomorrow one in a totally different colour but equally beautiful! :)
Thanks and good night♥♥


We did not have to -wait for long and another beauty followed... Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Yes, Ella, it is, I did have those (with various patterns of course☺) in the past (hence the seeds☺) but the most dominant is usually the lighter pink. I've taken a photo of a freshly open pink one that sits in the rockery, it's so beautiful, I think I'll post it tomorrow. :))

They are, Faye, they definitely are! 💕❤️💕


Each is so perfect! 💕❤️💕


This is a great color! It's so different from the much lighter and more purple ones you usually post. The white accents look like light streaking behind a comet. :-)

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