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Life - 24,000 pieces. (I cheated, I did it with a friend!)
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  1. MissEllie268:16
  2. Pannalope10:06
  3. crashnot10:19
  4. cobalt10:26
  5. nanlou111:18
  6. Dohun12:24
  7. oldandancient13:40
  8. k9trakr14:03
  9. den114:21
  10. mette5317:04


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I just checked Educa and did not see any puzzles nearly this big. Did you perhaps purchase it a long time ago? It is quite something although it appears you would have to work in sections or from the center out or it would be too difficult to reach into the inside. Or should I imagine you and your friend on your hands and knees on top of the table or suspended from the ceiling reaching down. I am joking, but, really, it must have been quite a feat just to deal with maneuvering with such a big puzzle and work surface. Good for you and your friend to have such an accomplishment. Don't think many can say they put a puzzle this big together. ;-))


Three comments: 1) And yes, just as you are ~ I am from the "old school" of puzzles. There was always one going at my grandmother's and aunt's house. I fell upon JIGIDI by accident about six months ago and was happy as a "bug in a rug". It really gives me great pleasure and a good pastime as I am confined to home 90% of days. I call going to the doctor "my social calendar"!
2) 24,000! WOW! What an accomplishment. I used to work as a CNA in people's homes, nursing facilities, etc. During a 12 hour 6P to 6A, I shared time with my daytime relief working a 3-D puzzle. It took us quite some time to complete especially being it was large and fragile. Shortly after, our patient passed and later we were informed it went on display where he lived.
3) Clicked you on the Leaderboard for "X Marks The Spot" by Trenchman. I was amazed of your time as I am with so many I see. Just like this one ~ WOW ~ MissEllie26 and these other puzzlers ~ how do you "guys" do it?


Doing it with a friend is not "cheating" - it's sharing the fun!


Hi - so nice to hear from you. Life was definitely the best & most interesting puzzle I have ever done, the Tower of Babel was good & looks terrific with a spot light on it, but Life was one of those rare puzzles that you can see the picture as you do it. I believe it is available in a smaller version, and you can get 'A Slice of Life', Life divided up into quarters!! I am glad to hear you are recovering from you op., sounds very painful. I know what you mean about the bending over, I do have a easel, but it will only take up to 1,000 pieces. Thank goodness for Jigidi!!! Cheers, Janet


Hi GoldenCat. I see your name high up on the leader's board of Dagmar's puzzles and saw your comments re a large puzzle you put together. I had to have a look. Wow - that's fantastic!! What an amazing achievement. I used to love doing "real" puzzles and the biggest I ever did was 6000 pieces. Sadly my back problems over the past few years would no longer allow me to work on the large puzzles that I loved so much. ( I have recently had a spinal fusion operation which is coming along well) So now I content myself with Jigidi, and while it may not have the same challenges as the large puzzles, a t least you do get to meet such nice people from around the world


Thanks for your comments & I am so glad you all enjoyed it. It took the two of us about 18 months to do, sometimes we would spend most of the weekend at it & then maybe weeks would go by with hardly any work done at all. We had a huge, rickety old garage in our garden, with a steep pitched roof & when it fell down (well almost !) we could fit in a new garage with a rumpus room above it, and as you can see the lighting is great. The only problem is that it is cold in winter & too hot in summer! The puzzle is 4.5 metres long & 1.something wide. We did it in bits and pieces all over the place & it took us about 3 hours to put it all together on the boards. You're right Dagmar, the sea was awful - every bit was white with 3 or 4 wavy blue lines on it, and the underwater city on the right hand side took ages. There is a hall of fame website for Life, & if you look it up, you can really see what a beautiful puzzle it is. Yes, the blurry bod is me - I didn't want to spoil the picture!! I will post a picture of the hardest puzzle I have ever done - Jackson's blue poles - only small, but it took forever & is the only puzzle I have ever done that I had to look at the picture sometimes. One of the reasons I like Jigidi so much is that I don't have to stand up & bend over - at my age getting to be a bit tiring!!


I would have loved to be the third one to help putting it together. You had the perfect place to do so. As far as I can see the puzzle is longer than my living room LOL. If I ever wanted to attempt this one I would have to clear out the downstairs part in the mountain house and install a decent lighting. :))) It really is the perfect puzzle except for the blues that must have been a bit difficult.
Thanks for the glimpse into giant puzzle making. :)))


OMG! That's amazing. I didn't even know they made such a thing. I want to know to, how long did it take you?


BOY, What a Puzzle. 24.000 Pieces. How Long Did It Take You & Your Friend To Do it ? Thanks . GoldenCat, Marlene.

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