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Starting out on the journey! See comment please!

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  1. BarbaraL1:37
  2. david065201:39
  3. manuela91:59
  4. krs2fer2:01
  5. whatnauts2:02
  6. chickiemama2:07
  7. Dohun2:09
  8. Deas2:17
  9. stefke2:21
  10. lelabugosi2:28


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Sorry, ohmy8, but it's from Guernsey!! Thanks for your comment!!

this looks like New Zealand


Fabulous idea, really!! Just imagine to walk all the way to get "The Book"!! :-))


HEE-HEE!......I think we've been missing Robbie's observations!.......It does look like Mao on a TV screen - maybe he will give them his 'Little Red Book'!....


Robbiiiieee, it's the Goddess!!! Not Mao!!! Sorry!! I'm not so sure what Mao could give to a unicorn, even if you never know!!!! Thanks so very much!!


I'm coming along as well Hanne, I'll catch up with you all soon! Just a couple of observations.....On top of AJ's pyramid looks like a Pharaoh's head and right at the top a white background flat screen TV with Mao Tse-tung's face looking down! Now I wonder if Bent is really trying to keep us in suspense! I needed my magnifying glass to confirm the top but for those with a large screen and able to scroll in close, the top should stand out. On the beach it looks like chief Goldy is pleading with Unicorn as a runner is bringing a message from the population further down the beach who are looking desperately for something.
Thanks Hanne and Bent.


It is, whatnauts!! Thanks so very much!!

Yes, Ann, that is what happens when you like to make pictures and have got to use them for something!! I HAVE told him and he is very happy that it is so well received!! Thanks dear!!! Oh, the pyramid - yes, I can see it now!!


BTW--- looking at the picture again---that mound behind the unicorn looks like an overgrown & crumbling pyramid. Did anyone else see it that way?...............


I'm so glad the saga of the Little Golden People has not ended. Tell Bent we all say "Thank you so very much!" and we give the same to you, Elfie........


Oh goodie - a new story, but yet a continuation. It's a sequel!! Thanks Hanne and Bent :)


Oh Dagmar, it's just great!! Thanks so very much!

Yes, Lela, more than you know!! Thanks so very much!!


Island of mystery and marvels!.........Thanks Hanne & Bent!.....


Now I'm intrigued, let's see what the morrow will bring. :))

Thanks Hanne.


Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Lovely start to a new adventure! Thanks!


And I'm glad so too!! Thanks so very much David!!


I'm glad to be with you at the start of the journey this time!


He would have been a good teacher indeed!! Actually this IS a story - it isn't that easy just to go up on that moutain!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


We love it when you continue the adventure over several days. That is the best way to tell a story.
Whenever he visited, my uncle used to gather all of us kids at night and we'd sit out in the dark while he told a story. When we got to an exciting part, he would stop and we would have to wait to the next night, and so on! It was great!! The stories always lasted the length of his visit!


Thanks so very much Sandy!! It might take some time!!


Will be waiting. Thanks Hanne.


The Goddess is up there, when we come closer you can see her. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I'm glad the unicorn is with them. What's up on top of the mountain? Is that the home of the goddess and where they need to go? Thanks, Hanne. Such fun.


Thanks so very much sandhill25252!! We are very pleased that you like them!!

love these guys!!!


The Goddess has returned to her mountain, and now the golden people wants to ask her a favour: a reward for the brave unicorn. Our three golden boys will walk up to her and ask for her help - of course together with the unicorn!!

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