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Bed Linen!! ~ Double Bed Size

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  1. Franc4:07
  2. Abolvig5:36
  3. monza0065:46
  4. rosie275:50
  5. mags1795:55
  6. akerendova6:22
  7. w84itslywbt6:29
  8. Dohun6:56
  9. harryp7:19
  10. jennyd8:25


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I love that one too, Dagmar. And I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)))


I adore this ethereal beauties. The upper left with its silky sheen and intricate patterns just won my heart :))

Thanks a lot for some fun time. :))


I LOVE your description of the centre one, Sandy!! And of course YOU didn't find it hard. You're a large puzzle specialist!! LOL. It's good to see you. And I hope you're keeping well. And that lovely sister-in-law of yours too. Take care, both of you. :))))


the center one is a gorgeous jewel! are those angels holding their hands over their eyes in the right middle? some of the backgrounds were similar, but the centers were different enough that it wasn't too hard, but then i haven't tried the bigger version yet.


Hi Ardy. I slept okay, but not brilliantly. I never sleep really well on my first night in a new place. But I'm sure I'll sleep better tonight.

And I know what you mean about the similarity in colours. I often find it quite difficult to get a good variation of colour in the pastel shades, because I can't go the dark/light option the way I can with bold colours, where I could do say a dark blue and a light blue. And can't do red. Oh well. I think 20 minutes on this size, which is only 5 minutes off the leader board is amazingly good. There is no doubt about it - you have got faster. You'll be giving Franc a run for his money one day!! LOL

And I would love to have a look at what you've been up to. I had virtually no Jigidi time yesterday, just a quick trawl in the morning, and then I had to get on with shopping and packing, and then travelling. Helga is going home today, so once she's hit the road, I intend having a good old trawl and catching up!! LOL So I'll pop over to your place then. And now I need to walk down to the shops and get the paper. So I must be off. I hope your day has been good too!! ((HUGS))


Hi Kirsten, Hope you had a good sleep even though it started really late for you. I opted for this size as some of the background colors are so close that they were hard to separate. For me to go to the biggie those colors need to be less alike. Not too bad a time 20:11.

I posted one of the more difficult pieces I've done.. I know what I do is not your fun to solve but I hope you'll take a look. I love this picture. Enjoy your hike. Here are some have a great day hugs ((HUGS)) You could share with Helga.

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