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Home sown Gazanias....

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Liertje saved seeds of last year's Gazanias in the pergola planter. He sowed them and put several seedlings in one pot....with this wonderful result! The red one (front left) was a big surprise as we definitely didn't have this pretty colour in the pergola planter☺☺
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  2. babray3:47
  3. Rackles4:07
  4. stephanie994:08
  5. 4wings54:08
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  7. egerton4:20
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I hope you'll find some, Ella. I haven't been to a garden center since a long time (no need when you grow your own☺☺) so I'm not sure whether they're still for sale here now. Usually they're available somewhere in Aprl/May. Our King's birthday is on 27th of April and around that date "orange" Gazanias are almost double the price! Ridiculous because when you'll wait a few days longer they're back to 'normal' price again! :)))

I've looked and solved your beautiful butterfly, she is a real beauty!!!!Thanks!


Impie, I plan on looking for Gazanias in a day or two and hopefully one of the garden centers will have some. I was taking a rest from digging up my back lawn and happened to see a butterfuly enjoying a sip from one of my plants. Amazingly, I was able to go get my camera and snap a shot. I'll post it now.


Thank you, GG, yes it is, it's such a sparkling colour and a real beauty too! :)

Indeed, Patsy! We were hoping for some success, but this is beyond expectation!:)

Success from seed!


This is lovely, and such a fun surprise for you and Liertje! ☺☺


Thank you, Faye. We have several pots displayed on the table of the front patio. It's a lovely summery view looking out of my living room window.❤️❤️❤️

☺☺Kathie, I wish I had taken my camera when I caught "Max" in the apple tree this morning. I stood really close and I bet I could've taken a clear photo of him! :-))
Yes, thanks,'ve seen your huge Squash and commented there too! :))

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Ella. I had to bin one young Gazania the other day too, but that was after a slug had 'taken care of it'.
Could something like that also has happened at yours? Usually Gazanias last rather long and in my garden even survived a mild winter.
I hope you can find a new one in a garden center. If you do, you should give it a go and save some seed and sow it next year Spring. You might be just as fortunate as we did!:)

I'm happy you enjoyed it, nillie. Since Liertje's been so successful with sowing them, we have quite many Gazanias in the garden this year!!!:)
Thanks and good night to you as well♥♥


This sort of colorful and vibrant flwoers are always welcome!!! Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Yes, the red Gazanias I posted was a pretty one, too. Unfortunately, it up and died about a week ago :-( I have no idea why as all the other plants in that bed continue to do well. I'll be looking for another to replace it. Hopefully, there'll be a garden center with some still in stock.


@Impie - I can hear "Max" Now! leans forward toward you, does his best crow imitation! Aw, AW! AW Aw!! Wish he would remember 'step Up' onto your finger!
Wouldn't you laugh! I know, I know, it ain't him; but, when you say it is, I love it!!
Did you find my pix of 5 ft+ squash plants? SO tall, & not done, will spread all summer!
My mystery squash, as I put several in one place; won't know til they make fruit!! ha!


GORGEOUS!!! Love those summery! ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you, lurdo, glad you enjoy them so much, Did you also have a peak over their 'shoulders' to my pink Astilbe???:))

Thank you, Kathie, yes, apart from Liertje having to go on 'slug-safari' almost every night, we're really having a good time with the plants in our gardens! This morning 'Max' was sitting in the top of my apple tree so I quietly went up the path and he stopped eating and stayed put. So I told him he was a rascal and should leave my aplles alone (or rather what's left of them☺☺). He jumped to a higher branch and gave me a cheeky look, so I once more said...."you, go!" and then he flew to a tree 3 gardens to the left of mine and started scolding at me! LOL I waited for him to fly away, because as soon as they see you leave they're back again! I've given up on any harvest by now, but I can't help laughing over the cheek of those little "green monster". ☺♥☺


SO beautiful, Impie! What a Good time we are having with our gardens, yes?!
What Color! Great close-up! I rarely do 60+ piece puzzles, but if you post, I do!! ;-)
Hope you are not involved in any flooding, but I read your comments & you're safe.

I love your Gazanias, they are lovely fowers with an amazing colors


Thanks, Ella. The red is really pretty. I remember your red Gazani post but they were different petals. From old photos we know we did have the orange variety (in the right. Liertje saved seeds from several Gazanias in the pergola planter (yellow and orange) put them together in a small bag (folded from noteblock paper☺) thinking it would be lovely to have a mix in a pot. Well I must say, he did great! I can't help thinking where the red has come from....we'll probably never know! :-))


What a pretty combination! The red one really makes draws your eye making the others pop!


Thanks, Anne. Yes, it's very rewarding to see them do so well. I've no idea how 'stable' color genes in plants are, but perhaps pollinators might have some 'saying' in it too??☺


Just gorgeous. He certainly did a marvelous job with those! It's also always interesting when plants revert to other genetic varieties (red). I wonder how "stable" color genes in plants are?

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