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Memories. Monterey California 2017. Larger.

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As we explored Monterey we found this lovely lake by accident. It's called Lake El Esero and it used to be a brackish sea lagoon and the council blocked it off from the sea, cleaned it out and created this beautiful lake.

Top Left: A lovely view of the lake.

Top Right: It was very popular with Canadian Geese.

Bottom Left: A little family came up to us but we had nothing for them so.......
Bottom Right: ..... they got out of the water and walked up the bank to eat grass! We realized the big tree was an Aussie Eucalypt, a Gum tree, so that made us feel at home.
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Janet, thank you for these beautiful photos from and your memories.


Thanks Nev, yes that sounds good. It's a few years since we've had our pneumonia shot. I will definitely ask our doctor when we see her on Tuesday.
Hugs. ♥♥♥


Janet, will keep you informed about that new Pneumonia shot. My Doctor spoke very highly of it and said it thoroughly superseded any previous shot. Five years ago (June 2017) I had the vaccine Pneumococcus (23 valent). "It's not good enough now" he said. ♥♥♥


Nev we had Moderna, so that was different to all the ones we had before. We had Pfizer for our third ones, so I wish we'd had it again. Julian is fine. All our chemist had, so can't be helped. We see our doctor next Tuesday so I will ask her about that pneumonia shot, but obviously we can't have ours yet.
Hugs. ♥♥♥


Janet, I had my fourth Booster last Tuesday, but Marge was not well enough to join me. I've re-booked her for next Tuesday, and am hoping she'll be up to it then. (Absolutely no reaction for me, exactly the same as my third. Pfizer and I make a good team.)
I learnt last week that there is a newer and better Pneumococcyl (Pneumonia) shot now, but I have to wait as I cannot get it so close to the Covid shot. ♥♥♥


Not good for Marge, Nev, please give her my love. Yes we forget that we can still get other types of nasty viruses. We had our 4th boosters on Wednesday and I've been feeling weak and "fainty" ever since! Hugs ♥♥♥


Thanks Diane, I will have more flowers before too long, lots and lots, maybe not next week. Hugs. ♥♥


Dize, I think Janet picked it earlier - not a flower to be seen. A quiet weekend for us as Marge has been sick all week with a virus, and has been slow to recover. Still got quite a bad cough, but she should be right again by Monday. We did a Covid test and she came out negative.
You & Tom enjoy your weekend. ♥♥♥


I was lost before I started, Nev. I saw your time before I began and knew straight away I couldn't match it. A bit defeatist, but I know my limits!! Have a good weekend.


She probably won't like this one Nev, no flowers! Hugs ♥♥♥


Quite a reasonable time for me today, Dize. See how you fare. ♥♥♥

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