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Jigidi puzzle creators: Chillfiltered

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40 pieces
141 solves
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Every day 40.000 people from all over the world come to Jigidi to both stretch and calm their minds. And many of them create their own puzzles and share them with the rest of us ♥ Grateful for their contributions (and awfully nosy) we asked 3 puzzle creators to select and answer 3-5 questions out of a whole bunch. Today - meet: Chillfiltered.
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  1. Robbos1:32
  2. emilym1:39
  3. Froufrou1:42
  4. Magnus1:47
  5. Syke1:51
  6. aremgee1:58
  7. BarbaraL2:04
  8. Neane2:13
  9. kahlukers2:14
  10. ullauhrskov2:14


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God's art. . . a gift to us.


Thank you


Thanks for this beauty! I, too, work smaller ones (

Thank you for this Chillfiltered.
Many times when I am blue, I will tackle a 400-500 piece puzzle. To occupy my mind for a long time. I am super slow so it takes hours of concentration. Once done I am delighted. Then I must hurry along to the puzzlers I've missed. Thank you for listening. :)) 11-17-19


Gorgeous puzzle thank you for introducing us to Chillfiltered I prefer smaller puzzles so I can comment on a lot more puzzles and get to know more Jigidi people but love looking at lovely puzzles☺☺

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