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Good For The Soul

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  1. jigimaniac3:06
  2. hins3:47
  3. zsy3:55
  4. NickNase3:58
  5. bigrand4:05
  6. cdsmith4:15
  7. sds6614:27
  8. debbieevans4:28
  9. awarwick584:34
  10. leriger24:41


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Gordon thank you. Yes, I'm still around. I worry about people with no source of cool air. I have a little, but my light bill is high. My rent got raised and going to the store to buy food is shocking. The price for ordinary food is mind blowing. And yes, the price of gas is just as bad. I plan where I need to go, and that is really it. It's funny because life is high and yet so many people are going on vacations. I'm always asking where I went wrong. I try not to have that thought too often, it's depressing.

I'm so happy to see you too Gordon❤❤


I follow you TTwistedRosee, so it is nice to see that your hanging on in all the heat. Stay safe and stay well. With the price of gas, it may be another hill to climb now that you have a license to drive. Gordon


@chriswestberry, I'm always so happy when you come on the board. Yes we are okay, this heat is A LOT. I passed my road test. So that's good. Funny thing is I still feel nervous, driving doesn't feel natural the way it once did. But yeah still here, eating tv dinners, and tater tots because it is too hot to cook. I don't have central air. I'm working on getting someplace better, but that's super hard. It takes more money to move and live. I'm tired of just surviving.

I miss you dear Lady, and check back in soon❤❤


Hello my Rosee! I pray that you and Munchie are good and doing well!. Chris


Gordon in my mind, I'm bare feet with pink nail polish, comfy clothes, drinking iced tea. I wish I was there too. Be well my friend, and smile as much as you can.


I can just imagine living there TTwistedRosee, thanks for posting.

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