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Rhodos and buds this afternoon. Leaf in lower right is the underside. Buds are one to a cluster of leaves, different from your shot.
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Laura, I hadn't even noticed that. The shot was to help Joanne determine the species of a bush she had shot.
As you may have noticed, this was taken in January of this year - we didn't really have a winter; the only snow was in November and it stuck for about half a day and wasn't deep enough to measure. Almost all our flowers have seemed confused around when to bloom and most were pretty sparse and short-lived. Thanks for getting in touch. ♥


Oooo...getting close to blooming!


Thank you Jenniferm. I don't know who raza is or how or if I should contact her. I have no idea what to do to make this better. I hit the exclamation point on one puzzle, once only. It was a creepy looking line drawing of a mature male in a caftan and a early- or pre-teen girl in blue jeans. The name Jesus was either on the puzzle or in the caption. After that Lin started putting out her "WARNING, etc., etc." with a whole bunch of false accusations following on many other puzzles. Now some people won't reply to my comments or questions, I think because they believe the dirt she has spread about me. Have you noticed that in every comment she makes she has to make a religious comment, and that she almost always shouts (uses capitals a lot)?
Ginger never did leave me her email address as she promised and I haven't seen any posts from her as she said she was going to. She did remove her comment on this site, as promised; I just hope she's not ill again. Do you have any suggestions for me?


Thanks for the quick response, Joanne.


I think you are right, jyl. I maybe will be able to find out this weekend from the Government House Photography Group, what the heck it is.

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