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“Greater Vancouver is the third-most populous metropolitan area in Canada, with roughly 2.5 million residents. Located on the Pacific Coast, it comprises more than 20 municipalities and also has the highest population density in the nation with more than 5,400 people per square kilometer. As seen in this Overview, the city is bisected by the Fraser River, which travels 854 miles (1,375 km) through British Columbia before emptying into the Pacific Ocean – depositing 20 million tons of sediment per year.”

49.250000°, -123.100000°

Courtesy of Daily Overview
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  1. evielou7:15
  2. beaton867:22
  3. flips119:26
  4. Bill_I_Am9:36
  5. stunned11:45
  6. Kaffesoester12:38
  7. luly13:08
  8. oshkosh14:33
  9. dasutton14:59
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I think it has grown a lot since Hong Kong was handed back to China. You're welcome, stunned!

I sure did not realize Vancouver was so large, thanks for the fun post.


Gayle, I think we're in the same boat, so to speak. You're welcome!


Claire, I would definitely need a map or a guide. Preferably both!


Thanks for the Vancouver tour, Bill. I'll never get there so your view will suffice.

I checked Google and that picture is close to the one I found in my atlas. Shall we say Googles map is a little more modern. The rivers are pretty much the same just, shall we say, a little more modern with shorelines more taken care of. The airport is pretty much in the same place but probably more modernized. I think if you are a stranger there you really need a map to find your way around.


I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle, luly. You're welcome! I've heard mostly positive reports about Vancouver from everyone who's visited or lived there.


Claire, I googled the coordinates above and found this recent map:

I've never been there but I know it has grown a lot. Its property market has been a popular bolt-hole for Hong Kong residents' money ever since the UK returned Hong Kong to China.


I've been to Vancouver more than once, and I really like it, although for sure I wouldn't want to live in such populated areas. Otherwise, there are so many beautiful places to visit! Enjoyed this difficult puzzle, Bill. ;-) Thanks!

I have a Rand McNally 2006 Atlas I still use once in a while like today looking up Vancouver. I believe the area has changed since then, If 20 million tons of sediment is deposited per year, then it is obvious that it has changed. My map shows and North Vancouver and also a Vancouver which probably has joined together and the rivers flowing to the ocean seep to be a little narrower and not as long and my map shows an airport by the ocean. hmmmm

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