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Boring puzzle of the night, 18" roller

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A seasoned user of one of these can roll an average bedroom ceiling, walls and typical closet in 22 minutes or less. Have fun, Dclo
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You can call me Dclo or if you prefer "Captain Knowledge",ha! Have good day M and TTR. Off to work. I'll try to find another pic today for boring puzzle of the night. See u later, Dave


Dave I had no idea there was so much technique to house painting. I love new information. Thanks for adding to my brain.

Amazing what you learn here. I never heard about that tip of not cutting the whole room at one time...would have solved some problems when we did the bedrooms of this house. Thanks for the instructions, D. Good night.--M


Tape is a friend to the novice bh. If you are using an eggshell, satin or even glossier then brush one wall at a time then roll. repeat repeat repeat. DO NOT cut in the whole room then roll. You will see flash marks/brush edge and roller edge will not blend in together as well. (funny drying). Doing one wall at a time allows your brush marks to not dry out and your roller overlap edges will blend in with it nicer. If your finish is a "flat" then you can cut in everything at once and then roll. Flat is very forgiving. Take your time and you'll be fine. Gotta go solve some, good luck bh, Dave


I'll be painting a bathroom, next week, so I must admit I'm a bit excited, about how it's going to look, after I'm done! (Hopefully, it'll look nice!) ;-)


Yes bhelen we have been very bored then this entire summer (college apartments). It's very good steady work though every year and we have appreciated it/him customer. There are six of us and we laugh while we work. You guys may like last nights BPof the N. Thanks bhelen , Dave


At least building the puzzle isn't as boring as PAINTING! ;-)))


Thanks cindysy. I just might make boring fun again!

It was fun, thanks!

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