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Cat shaming series

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Sounds like a very nice lady. :)


We had an old lady neighbor when I was between five and ten years old. She had a cat who would walk across the room and sit on anyone's lap, even strangers, a true lap kitty. I haven't seen a true lap kitty since. The lady would bribe the neighbor kids with candy if she wanted wood split. There was frequently a whole crowd of kids in her yard.

Mine did too but had one that liked the heat register. :)

My kitties would just curl up on my lap if they got cold.------------------Molly

That would be scary.


Nope YO she was fluffy so it was always just browned fur on the very top but boy you could smell it happening hence me yelling☺

Wow! Did she ever have blisters from it?


We had a cat that used to lie under our wall heater, if I smelt singeing I would yell out Tabitha you are burning she would appear with singed fur, but still went back☺

Thanks Jigsaw and 6tc. :)


Way to go, Vince...I'd rather be warm than cold too. :)


We had kittens that would get under a heater that was about 2" off the floor, and stay there for hours. It's a wonder they didn't burn up. That heater put out a LOT of heat.

Looks that way doesn't it. :)


I think that cat is liquid.

Had one that would belly up to the furnace vent. It's a wonder she didn't cook.


Strange, but he looks comfy.


Well, there ARE hairless cats, after all. :o)


Is that the new boneless kitty cat I've been hearing about?



Limp is a good descriptive word. :)


That looks like one VERY relaxed Puddy Tat!

He has a very heavy fur coat, laurajane. Might make the difference. :)


Murphy hates to be hot. Strange for a cat!

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