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Autumn Sun

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  1. csm440122:43
  2. huet23:02
  3. mummipigen25:41
  4. Huggorm27:01
  5. DioKhan28:24
  6. kwik29:37
  7. madera30:56
  8. ajmastello31:07
  9. MIMIC31:51
  10. felicityjigidi32:12


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Thanks, chilisand!


thank you, great fun.


I'll try! LOL!


36:25 is my time on this colourful delight. Try and stay sane PD, as well as safe.


Thanks, whatnauts and siouxzn. I think I'd go nuts if I didn't have Jigidi as an outlet right now! So I am posting puzzles for me as much as for you--I hope you don't mind that admission...! I figure that this way, we all win, I hope! :-)))


I'm much slower today than usual, hmmmm. I love the bright earth tones of this one. Thanks for posting fun stuff for us even in the midst of your family visit.


Glad to hear your daughter has safely landed. I don't expect to be on the board with this one either. I really like circle puzzles, but usually don't do as well on them. I may get to the pink swirl later today, but right now I'm going to catch up on a few older puzzles. Enjoy your visit!!!


Thanks, whatnauts--Courtenay has landed safely, and we hired a livery cab to take her, Luke, and the couple who are traveling with her to their motel--we'll be leaving in about an hour to pick her and Luke up and bring them home. So far, so good, at least!

I must be slow today--or maybe it's because the internet is flickering, leaving at times, plus causing occasional molasses mouse. I didn't like the pink/peach swirl, and I thought that that's why I was slow on it, but I really liked this one, and I was slow here, too! (42:32)...


Thanks for this autumn sun - haven't seen much of one lately. Of course, our weather isn't anything like yours so no complaints from me!!! Take care, and be safe.

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