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My pet alpaca Lincoln
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  1. willd5:28
  2. Impie5:59
  3. GJDENT5:59
  4. giblet6:17
  5. haldad6:27
  6. eyore6:36
  7. kareng6:43
  8. zuzana3136:47
  9. Lynetteoz7:02
  10. Kfgreenberg8:20


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I get muddled up with lamas and alpacas. He is cute and I like the colour of him.


Thank-you Rosee for thinking about me - it was an ok day but admit I did struggle. I'm very grateful one of our sons has not changed towards us at all but didn't get to see him. Waking up to your comment is a great start to a fresh new day :-))


Hi Lynette. I have no idea if Mother's Day is the same day as here where you live, but in the States today is the holiday. I hope I am not overstepping bounds wishing you a nice day. I am aware of family issues. You were on my mind so here I am :-))


I had forgotten about this puzzle Rosee. Sure brings back lovely memories. We met his previous owners at the airport recently and they told us their shearer had adopted both boys. It was quite a relief to know this :-)


So this is the Lincoln you spoke of. He has a cute face and I love his chocolate color:-))


He was my pet for thirteen years Impie but when we sold this acreage two years ago to move into an estate, the new owners offered to keep him for us. Our other alpaca Kingsley is white and has an attitude problem, but Lincoln is as beautiful as he looks :-)


Is Lincoln really your pet Lynetteoz? He looks lovely and I also love the long eyelashes ;_)


Thank -you. Yes they are. They are smaller than the Llama and their ears are smaller too. Both are part of the camelid family. This alpaca has a lovely personality too and is so gentle :-)

I believe he is related to the llama family. He is a cute one of God's creations. Thanks for posting this because I wondered what an Alpaca looked like, now I do. God bless you and your family always.

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