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Can you find the master of camouflage in this photo? Check comments later for clue.

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I think you're right senrabyar...


Can't wait either. I'm still clinging to the little bird just like you, Ardy! It keeps looking at me, lol!


I looked up nightjar and then came back to this. Where I thought I was seeing something is probably the bird. I'll be interested in tomorrow's reveal. Thanks, Marion.


@Daeferedir - you'll see tomorrow that he's looking our way and appears to be squinting.


I saw the Nightjar's tail feather earlier today, but couldn't find the bird attached to the tail feathers. I've never even heard of a Nightjar before. Now that I followed the link I can see it here in the puzzle.


ps...I made an oops! The answered photo tomorrow is not going to be's going to be a dark background of all the foliage, and the Night Jar will be very plain to see.


Okay, everyone...what's hiding in perfect sight is a bird known as the Night Jar. It is one of the most famous birds of camouflage. Tomorrow's circled answer photo will show you how good this little creature can hide. Solve tomorrow's answered puzzle and enlarge it...then just scroll down to this puzzle from's amazing!

Show us tomorrow, please.

Not only a master of camouflage, but also apparently a supernatural flyer in the darkness. Look after your goats ! (I'm just taking liberties, Koalgirle)


And a Partridge in a pear tree...LOL! Busy photos like this can really give out many optical illusions. Would you all like to see it again tomorrow with the circled answer, or do you want to know what one creature it is that's in this picture today? I could tell you that, but I think you'd appreciate the answer photo tomorrow, too. Let me know what you'd like...I aim to please...


Hey senrabyar, will you share whatever you're taking?? I think it's a bird??..

I see a good sized critter but can't figure out if it is a bird or a lizard.


I think I see a little greyish bird with 2 black eyes!

I see eyes, but cannot decide what it is. I can also see 50 leaf insects, 3 chameleons and a blue whale !


I think there is a little bird in black, brown and grey.

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