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Sweet Pea (Apr17P44)

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The fragrant Sweet Pea flowers can be pink, purple or white.

Sweet Pea flowers give the message of delicate or blissful pleasure. It can also express many thanks. The other meaning associated with this flower is saying goodbye.

Please do not eat Sweet Pea flower as it is toxic since it has a neurotoxin in it.

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 25, 64, 121 and 169 pieces. Please enjoy.

Puzzle 96
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  2. Ribs0:39
  3. jasonchung10:41
  4. Dilubreuer0:43
  5. Abc10:43
  6. jasonchung20:44
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You are most welcome, Eagleboi :-)

I love sweetpea flowers. They are so pretty.

Thank you for solving this puzzle @jasonchung1 - a puzzle page where I post flowers.

Stay safe and well.

Best regards,


I've never looked at a sweet pea flower closely until now, t hey are beautiful, Thank you Jason for posting in several sizes, I generally wont work puzzles over 80 pieces due to screen size and eyesight. Have a good evening and stay safe.


You are welcome, Marina.

Thank you for your appreciation of this delicate beauty :-)

Warm regards, Jason.


So beautiful and frail! Thank you.


So do I, Nicco.


I love the heavenly scent of sweet peas.


You are very welcome, Lin.


Ahhhh, I remember the 'sweet' aroma VERY well! In her wonderful garden, my mother (Mrs. Green Thumb)... always included sweet peas. I preferred the white ones. Thanks for the memories, Jason.


Thank you Jason, we have beautiful weather:).


Thank you Irena. Glad that you like this one :)

Have a happy day.


I like peas. She is beautiful and fragrant :-) Thanks Jason and nice days :-)


You are most welcome, Donna.

I love pretty colours. I wish you a great day.


So bright and beautiful. Thank you for posting this, my friend. Have a beautiful day.


Glad that it is all behind now.

Keep your fingers crossed about the insurance premium. A clean driving record does help.

Wishing you all the best, Wendy. Warm regards, Jason.


Thank you Jason. I actually had a good sleep last night and feel very good this morning. I am not the type of person who broods about things, life is too short. I'm just so grateful the young man is okay, I'm okay, and the world goes on. I still have to face our insurance corporation, they can be quite strict. I have a very clean driving record, so that will, I hope, count for something.......Wendy


Not to worry too much, Wendy. The important thing is that you are safe and sound. It is just the after effect of an accident, something that you have, thankfully never, experienced before.

Oh, Wendy, I got muddled up when I responded to your first comment.

May I corrent myself? I mean to say, in my country we drive on the left side of the road. And I was refering the the sun shade which is behind the front glass screen of the car (my friend does not wear sunglasses, he wears a baseball cap to shield his eyes from the sun).

I know you have already solved your Private Puzzle. Thank you.

Wendy, have you heard of Bach Flower Remedy? It is very good for people who may be in a state of shock or who are have encountered a stressful situation. It calms them down and bring them back to a state of balance. I always have a bottle at home and I carry one with me when I leave the house. Do read the instructions that come with the bottle.

I wish you a good, restful and continuous sleep and may you wake up feeling refreshed.

Warm regards, Jason.


Thank you Jason. The young lad is just fine and he walked out of the hospital. He is 19 and an exchange student from China. I'm hoping he learned that walking across a street with ear plugs in, music turned up loud and texting on his phone, is just not the right thing to do. He did tell the officer the truth, which is really good. The officer said he would not charge me as it was just that, an accident. He cannot guarantee what our Insurance Corporation of B.C (ICBC) will do. The firefighter and ambulance driver that I knew told the constable that they did know me and that I am an upstanding citizen in the community. I do a lot of volunteering so I know a lot of people! The girl at ICBC said my worker will phone within a week and let me know what is involved. I have a pretty clean driving record after all these years, so that must count for something. Here's hoping. I'm going to bed soon. I guess it affected me more than I thought it would. I'm kind of achy all over, just stress. Thanks for your concern Jason, I really appreciate it..........hugs, Wendy


Dear Wendy, I have just tagged you to my 6th computer drawing (from jasonchung2) that I have made into a 28 piece Private Puzzle for you.

Hope it will bring you lots of good cheer, joy, happiness and warm sunshine.

Warm regards, Jason.


Hi Wendy, I posted my 6th original computer drawing and have tagged you to it. However, the smallest size is a 60 piece puzzle and the other 3 have even more pieces than that.

Just to make it more convenient for you, I am going to post a smaller one for you and tag you to it. You will find as a Private Puzzle at jasonchung3.

You may take a look at the 60 piece puzzle at



Dear Wendy, when I read the 4th sentence of your message, my heart cried out "oh no" and then my mind started racing "Wendy, how is she?"

It is unfortunate that the sun hit you in your eye. My friend who drives me around always puts the front shield (I do not know the technical name for that) lower down to block off too much glare from the sun and also to avoid glare from overhead street lights at night. He wears a baseball cap during the day and will turn it to a suitable angle (sometimes in front of him, sometimes to the right of him - in my country, we drive on the right side of the road) to avoid the sun from hitting his eyes.

There are just too many pedestrians who will walk around and cross the road texting and listening to whatever they are playing on their earphones. I hope that that young man has learnt a good lesson, but I am glad that he is OK. I am happier that you are fine and were not hurt.

I am glad that your car brakes are working well.

Do continue to take good care of yourself, Wendy. Warm regards, Jason.


I love sweet peas. My grandfather grew them. I needed something sweet today. I struck a pedestrian with my vehicle this morning. It was a 19 year old exchange student from China. We were both in the right, but just as I went to do my left hand turn, the sun hit me and he was walking with his head down and earphones and was texting. He basically didn't see or hear me and I obviously didn't see him. Thank God he is okay, just a small cut on his hand. The RCMP constable said he is not going to press charges on either of us, but I'll be paying for it through my insurance. It is sure to go up. I hope the young lad learned something from this and watches and listens to where he is going, but I'm so happy he is okay............Wendy


Thank you Lunie. Sweet in colour and in appearance. A beauty in pink.


Thank you Nette for visiting and for the additional information.

Glad that you like this one.


very sweet indeed...


Sweet Pea is the flower for the month of April, this one is beautiful Jason! ❇


Thank you Lilygirl for visiting and writing a kind comment.

You are most welcome.


Thank you for one of my favourite flowers. They are so pretty in their mixed colours.

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