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This is Global Warming ????

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My rear yard up against the woods. This was bare grass four days ago.
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  1. madgamcp10:02
  2. noway216:07
  3. longnwater17:18
  4. pollyb17:38
  5. diversid21:28
  6. wasicu25:37
  7. Joannickersonhenderson37:19


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Just saw on the late local news tonight that the weather is going to be warming (above 32 F) for the next 4 days, so some of this will melt.



Be careful what you wish for.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Here in western NY we are about one foot behind our usual yearly quota of snow ( about 9 feet each winter). We did not have any snow to speak of until in the month of January. Since then, we have had snow almost everyday.


According to the climate changers, most of the Ca. coast should be underwater to Az.
I guess they think we don’t remember or have them on tape. A.G.


The word "science" is extremely general in scope and in application should never be used dogmatically (which is contrary to the very concept). And yet it's whipped out like waving a crucifix at a vampire. whenever i hear "follow the science!" and "science denier!" i want to say "What field of science? Name me ONE field of science, any one."

wasicu I remember when underarm deodorant (fluorocarbons) and Freon was banned because "science" declared they caused holes in the ozone layer - yet shooting rockets into "space" didn't burn holes in the ozone layer? (Not to mention HAARP). Well, I know I'm not a scientist and my own "common sense" or right to surmise doesn't matter.

Science the new religion forcing humanity to believe in their ever changing theories - it's now called Climate Change - very convenient. Sun 2/21/21 (44 degrees in STL, MO)


Or, it could be the Chicago suburbs.

@longnwater : One of my friends from high school moved to Denver years ago and sends me pictures of his backyard snow all the time.


looks a lot like where I live in Colorado,


i remember that!


We are still over due for our next Ice Age, I remember learning about it in school.
But we were way more concerned about the cold war and the thought that we could all be vaporized. They taught us to hide under our desks or against a wall if we saw a mushroom blast out side.

Anybody else old enough to remember in the mid /late 1950's when the fear mongers (pseudo scientists and doomsday politicos) were insisting that the world as we knew it would not exist in 10 yrs because we were heading into another Ice Age worse than the last one that had covered most of North America with very deep ice thousands of years ago.


Looks like Texas

You have been dumped on.

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