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Tiger & dolphins...on the Pacific Dawn.

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The dolphin wall mural, about 3 metres (10 feet) long, was made of polished brass & aluminium and was behind the Reception desk on the ship.
The tiger was about 2 metres - 6 feet, long and was in the Orient Bar.
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Thanks Shirley, Cathy & Suzy!!!




Wow!! Both these works of art are wonderful !!!!!


I love the Dolphin mural, terrific art work, as is the tiger, Thanks, Rob.


Thanks Nev & Janet - the dolphin mural was my favourite too!!! Thanks!!


Fabulous art Rob, I love the dolphin wall mural especially. Thanks for sharing with us, hugs, janet


It looked impressive Dave - but I can't imagine how much it weighed!!! Thanks!!


Beautiful dolphin art and thats the biggest brass sculpture I've ever seen. Its huge!

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