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Visions of the Future- Mars

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NASA's Mars Exploration Program seeks to understand whether Mars was, is, or can be a habitable world. Missions like Mars Pathfinder, Mars Exploration Rovers, Mars Science Laboratory and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, among many others, have provided important information in understanding of the habitability of Mars. This poster imagines a future day when we have achieved our vision of human exploration of Mars and takes a nostalgic look back at the great imagined milestones of Mars exploration that will someday be celebrated as “historic sites.”
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  1. bpalma19:27
  2. Highlandlassie28:40
  3. mkadrian28:45
  4. carlwilde30:36
  5. RedSoxFan680132:14
  6. lysy535834:42
  7. wheelmann539:23
  8. maggie4041:46
  9. Ianto42:38
  10. starship144:56


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I don't usually do puzzles of 200 pieces, but I couldn't resist this magnificent poster and your superb explanation of what it represents. Gorgeous color and design, crisp resolution and very satisfying to do, Thank you!

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