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Green Lynx Spider munching on an ant, San Marcos, California

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I requested some gardening books be sent to the San Marcos library where I now live and found my way to that library when the first of the books arrived on Wednesday. I wandered around the area after picking up the books, finding the civic center and a community center and even a paved trail. More books arrived on Thursday so I went before the library opened and hiked a couple of miles on the trail. There were a few birds, though none willing to be photographed, and a few bees, and then, near the end of my walk, this lovely green spider who didn't care in the slightest about me and my camera. Sorry, but I have no idea what the white flower is. My phone app didn't have a clue and just about everything grows in San Diego county.
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They're called spines in the website blurbs I've read, Martha, but none of them specified what they're for. This site had some interesting facts, especially about them not being harmful to humans.


In a closeup of the green spider, I noticed setae on its legs. Or maybe those things are spines? I have never observed that before, and I'm trying to figure out its purpose.


I haven't found anything comparable to the river, PaxLab, but I knew that would be the case. I need to win the lottery to be able to afford a house near the coast! But I'm still seeing orioles on my own hummingbird feeders, so I'm happy.


Hah! I finally dropped the Rebel off for cleaning today, schutkleur. You didn't expect I'd really get it done the first time I mentioned it, did you? I stopped at Robb Field on my way to the camera repair store because people have been seeing a reddish egret. I didn't see anything unique. Half a dozen great blue herons that probably didn't make good photos. If I'm lucky I may have gotten some willets with their wings extended. I wouldn't have gotten those with the Nikon. The Rebel should be ready for me to pick up in a week or so, and hopefully we'll start getting birds in October.


Thanks, Martha.


Glad you are finding new places to explore close to home!


That's a wonderful green spider you found!! And you had a beautiful blue sky as well!!!
How's your Rebel doing? Nice and clean yet?? :))


How fascinating! Ginni, you have an exceptional find and photo. Indeed, you brought home a winner from the trail.

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