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The second last picture of the Abisko canyon!

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  1. viktorie1:52
  2. deinert2:01
  3. Dohun2:06
  4. knittinggranny2:09
  5. bbeeton2:13
  6. Larryl2:21
  7. notme182:43
  8. redfivef12:43
  9. Sylvia12:44
  10. patsyanne442:45


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Oh you have been a wonderful companion, Tex! Thanks so very much for following!!


It seems I'm in the majority with enjoying this canyon and being sorry to see the last of it. I've loved this, and I thank you so much for taking me along.


Sorry, but thanks Ank!!


Gorgeous, now for the last. Pity


I do hope that you mouse problems will be solved very fast, Ardy!! But a slow mouse is better than no mouse in my opinion!! Thanks so very much!!

Maryma, the picture next to this is the last one. I didn't write it, sorry!! Thanks so very much for your interest!!

Thanks so very much Dagmar, I'm so awfully glad that it has been a pleasure!

We've GOT to go there again, I won't promise, but almost!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


NOOOOOO. I love this canyon! Please have more photos!!! :D


Thanks for a wonderful Saturday morning walk through the Abisko canyon. :))
The second last picture is as stunning as the firstl :))


Stunning, who has got the last picture, what has happened that there will be no more Abisco Canyon???


How marvelously clear the water is. Thanks, Hanne. My computer problems of yesterday were caused by a mouse whose clicked had stopped making contact. I'm using a borrowed mouse until I have time to get a new one - probably Monday or Tuesday.

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