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Twill Weave... 'twill confuse ☺

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Inspired by this woven puzzle created by Shirley (Shian2).

Thanks, Shirley ♥
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  1. Cnfosgatephillips16:31
  2. amanaplan19:17
  3. jigia20:08
  4. mavin23:18
  5. bbrewer25:58
  6. tricia7526:26
  7. mikefillary26:35
  8. alexa634526:53
  9. Noddy27:30
  10. BAC697827:37


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LOL... good one! Thanks, bunya ☺
There will be more woven ones later this week. A wonky weave with bigger chunks so it may be less confusing!

PS Did you know there is a Bunya Mountain range in Australia?


Twill it confuse? I twas! Loved it anyway. More please!


Thanks, chili. Confusion reigns! My work here is done.... ☺☺☺


Thanks, seibusky. It was a pleasure to make and an even greater pleasure to know you liked it.


So happy you found fun solving it, Fruttel ☺


Confused, indeed, but fun! Thank you.


Loved it. Thanks for making it.


Not the easiest puzzle, but certainly one of the funniest ones to solve. Thanks Shirley. :)

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