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Cockatoos & birds of paradise flowers

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  1. beatlecarol6:16
  2. GJDENT7:24
  3. Helix7:38
  4. tallman8:04
  5. philthy8:06
  6. alliebono8:09
  7. Nonnygee8:41
  8. Lynetteoz8:53
  9. NewSong9:12
  10. bhelen9:20


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I like the art and building puzzles.

5296 solved on the computer

110 is the number of solves when I solved it.

I like the feathers they have on their heads. It makes them look funny.


Thank-you DeltaQ and yes it is a lovely area :-)


very nice pic. tropical atmosphere. beautiful bamboo fense.


Do they!!? Naughty! I saw a kookabarra do that when I was there but didn't know Cockatoos do that too! I should have taken a photo of the man's face as he stole his sandwich - it was priceless!!! :-)


They are lovely to watch alliebono but these very assertive Cockatoos also snatch food off peoples plates if they are eating outside :-)


Gorgeous photo - so lucky to have these birds feed and bathe in your garden! :-) x


They are big birds! But they are lovely to have sitting on your balcony or maybe your outside table :-)


Beautiful shot, Lynette, and I wouldn't mind at all if they flew into my room. :)


They're beautiful birds! You're very fortunate to enjoy them from your living room! ~ I love birds...BUT, I would NOT want them flying into my rooms, or landing on my plate! ;-)


Thank you Helen - glad you like the photo. It is the view we have from the living room. The birds are gorgeous to watch, but some people get a bit upset when they fly into their rooms or try to land on their plates outside the restaurant. No idea why!! :-)


Lynetteoz, I love, love, love this photo!!! I can't even imagine seeing such gorgeous birds,
as these, in the wild. What a beautiful puzzle, with such delightful colors! TFS

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