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Hilda. "My oh My!"

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Dear "Jigidiers",

To me, and the hundreds who enjoy Hilda's adventures, she represents beauty, fun, inclusiveness, innocence, kindness and the love of life. She brings a little joy and a smile to our day.

I correspond privately with a number of those who follow her puzzles and know that the majority are like me, "getting on" in years, and are housebound due to medical conditions or a variety of other reasons. Hilda brings a bit of fleeting relief from the real world.

Please know that I don't post Hilda, because she is very slightly overweight, or to ridicule those who may be a little plump, or to deride or degrade anybody. I post her puzzles because they show an adventurous and courageous spirit, who is alone, who loves animals and nature, and who is quite beautiful both inside and out.

A kind wish, Paddy.


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I like the vibrant colours and enjoyed it. I have a second cold on Friday. Oh my God it's 313 solves when I solved it.


...& @ 259 solves & counting, I agree here, she is adorable :)


The overweight does not bother me either, but I do not like her attire most of the time. She does look good in a bikini for being overweight, but it is to little of attire for most of her activities. Just saying. Like me, everyone is entitled to their opinion & I can go elsewhere to do puzzles if I am offended. Just like my Mermaids; if they are too close to nudity, people can go elsewhere. I do like Hilda's Spirit also, just not the lack of clothes. This puzzle I will do b/c it is very lovely & I love the FUN in her eyes :)

very glam


@pkerrigan27. Thank you, my thoughts entirely.

@nanapuzzler. Thank you for your kind words and insight.


I am overweight and I am not offended by Hilda. The main thing that shines through all the paintings of Hilda is her spirit. She lives life with ALL her heart and soul *!*

People are overweight for many reasons : thyroid problems, loneliness, etc. An excellent book to read (from a class I took in college) is Feeding the Hungry Heart. It has helped me so much. Also helpful are all the wonderful, loving people on jigidi ♥♥♥♥ To get a friend, you must be a friend.

I love Hilda with or without clothes. She’s beautiful. Reminds us that you don’t need to be stick thin to be beautiful


Thanks Faye,

It is not the way that Hilda is dressed that I notice, it is her personality that Bryers portrays. It is nothing but sweet and innocent. Do love this drawing of her though.

I wonder if she has a flour-sack slip on. ;-)

My first thought was Hilda in her Easter bonnet. Lovely!

My first thought was that , "Wow, she has clothes on !"
all the other pics she was just barely dressed , and now this is the first one where she is dressed and it is a good pic .

I know, but there are too many almost naked poses in what I consider to be very unnatural positions, and as an overweight person, it just hurts after a while...Sherry


@sbwilner. Hi Sherry, sorry to hear you feel that way. That certainly is not my intent, and nor was it that of Bryers.

This is beautiful...hate her without the does look like she's being made fun of...this is lovely... Sherry :)))


@Melody2016. Could be?

@MsBHaven. Lol!


I am late today. They have said it all before me. More beautiful than ever with real clothes on!


I just love our Hilda in her pretty dress and hat. Is she going to church today?


@sillychick. Thanks for commenting.


Beautiful ;)




@SaavikLeary. Lol!


This it sweet, love to see her in a dress ☺


@japcrp. She has certainly made an effort!

Love seeing Hilda dressed for what could be a party. As others have said she is beautiful.

Maybe she's going to a party. If she is, I hope she meets lots of nice people!


@motherofsleep44. Thanks for commenting. She really has dressed up today!

I've never seen Hilda so dressed up! She's gorgeous!


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