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"Bull Bling"

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Toronto-based artist Richard Ahnert takes anthropomorphic painting to a new level, lacing it with a quiet, yet unmistakable animism– an abiding kinship between human and animal. He uses the relationship between animals and humans to explore themes of emotion, metaphor, and narrative with a satirical twist. Storytelling, understated humor, and deep reflection are at the heart of his practice. Richard graduated with honors from the Arts York Program at Unionville HS with a Major in Visual Arts and went on to study Technical Illustration and Graphic Design at York University and Seneca College, graduating with the Presidents Honor Roll for Highest Academic Achievement. With a drive to explore and evolve as an artist, He continues studies and workshops ongoing to help define his style and practice. Richard began exhibiting his work in 2010 and has shown in exhibitions and galleries in both Canada and the States. His work has won awards and can be found in private collections and businesses in North America, Europe and Australia.
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I could not pass this one by :-) Thanks for your funny replies Isaly, @mble111911 (nice to meet you), porgy, Bjresh, Tia2d, Watchman and jeri :-)


~~ (¬‿¬)~❤️~ love it


Mooo humor. ;-))


Punk bull :-D


Thanks for the proper word @mble11191 makes sense ;-))

The horns are small for the size of bull. Probably just artistic license.


It is a gorgeous bull painted specimen but could do without the hole in the ear! are those horns a bit small for his size? Either way, thanks oynot!


Hee hee, I agree with both of you, thank you oynot!

What a statement this makes. Made me laugh at how some folks 'adorn' themselves. This reminds me of the anti-smoking ads that showed animals with cigarettes in their mouths with the tag-line of "You look just as silly when you smoke" (or something close to that).


Brilliant painting. This looks so real-to-life. I had to laugh when I saw the earring in the bull's ear like a lot of the young men now wear to stretch their earlobes. That's quite a nose ring. Hope you had a good day today. Sending you big hugs from the mountains...

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