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What not to do with your food!!!

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Yesterday afternoon a young Rainbow Lorikeet decided to have a bath in the food dish - and what a mess it ended up! It shook itself all over the other birds - and had trouble getting air-born. It wasn't content with just one roll in the bread/water/honey mix - but went back in for two more! Chris and I just couldn't stop laughing - and wondering how long it took to clean itself up!

Brisbane, Australia.
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Rob, we all miss you. ♥♥♥


Sending hugs...miss you :-)


We would all like to know how you are?


Still missing you, Sunshine. Along with everyone else we're pleased you're having a break and that you are OK. It worries us when someone drops off the radar! Take care and come back when you're ready. Chrissie and Sally


Hi Rob. Like your other jigidi friends I'm thinking of you and missing you. ♥


Hi Rob, I hope you are enjoying life....but know that we at Jigidi are missing you....when will you be coming back?


Hope you are all relaxed and will think of us all once in awhile. ♥


I was just thinking about you too, when I saw the weather forecast for Brissie. I hope life is treating you well, Rob. (•‿•)


Hope to see you back soon Robyn! Missed you x


We all are missing you but enjoy your quiet time. Guess we all need some of that. Hugs :o))


Enjoy your "escape" time, Robyn! Refresh and rejuvenate!
Thank you Pat and Janet for doing your sleuthing and letting us know she's fine! :)


That's GREAT news!! Thanks so much Pat and Janet for following this up, and for letting us know. (•‿•)

(when we've finished hugging her on her return, will jab her in the ribs and remind her to tell us when she's having a break next time!!! LOL!)


Thank you snooker and Janet for this good news that nothing happened to her just having a break :) Hope she will come back :)

Received this from Janet on a puzzle:

Hi Snooker, an email from her just came in and she's been having a break for a while, catching up on gardening, reading, painting etc. She said she will come back one day.

Have my fingers crossed, Kirsten.


Thanks Pat! I look forward to hearing that all is well. (•‿•)

Hope she finds out something positive, Florrie.

Janet has her phone number and e-mail and will try to contact her and get back to me.


Can I suggest checking in with Janet (jan42ful), to see if she knows anything or can make contact? They met in person a little while back, and might have swapped email addresses/phone numbers. I don't have Rob's contact details myself. Actually - I wonder if Shirley does? I hope that helps! And I'll keep an eye out here for any further news. (•‿•)

Crap. OK, delegating authority here. Suzy and Barb, look through the comments on all her puzzles for at least 3 days before she disappeared. Maybe she said where she was going. :)


I will join the search party, you are the leader snooker.... :)_


Will you lead the search party, snooker? We'll have lots of help!

Do we have to send a search party to OZ?


Missing you Robyn. Hope you're ok.


Miss you, Robyn!




Hope everything is ok with you Rob!


Are you off playing somewhere, Rob? Miss you!!!


Great collage Rob!!
The comments are wonderful too.
: ))))


LOL!! and bird bath Laura:))) Thanks :))


Feeding frenzy!


Thank you all for your great - and funny comments:)))
I can just picture Lucy in the bathtub Florrie:))) What a hoot!!!!
The Lorikeets rarely drink from the bird bath IF - and I've never seen any have a bath in it:))) Thanks :)))


Great photos and funny event, robryan. I wonder if he didn't see the birdbath or just thought the wet mess would dry up and he'd be as good as new. Thanks for a good laugh.


what a little piggy. his mom fell short on hygiene training. i'm surprised the other birds were so patient about it. thanks for a fun puzzle.


LOL no wonder he couldn't fly!!! Must have been great to watch!! x


That is so funny Robyn.....what a show that must have been!!!


I think all the rest of them are standing around remembering when they were kids!!

At least it won't be hungry while cleaning the stuff off the feathers, No wonder they call them bird brains. Great set of photos.


Oh my, he looks like a drowned rat... Now everyone is all sticky from the honey... Big smiles all around for these shots Rob.... Thanks so much.... Beautiful birds... Although right now probably a little confused as to why their feathers are all stuck together.... Happy Mother's Day, Rob.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


Kind of like a 1 year old who puts both hands in the birthday cake!
Wonderful story and photo, Robyn!


Oh there is one born every day, he got himself into this spot of bother and only has himself to blame, do hope it's a happy ending, maybe he'll find your bird bath (with the water) :))))


What a goof!!

Good one, Nev!!


Rob, that's one "sweet" bird. :-)))


It's not too cold Barb - about 15C or 59F overnight and a warm 25C or77F and sunny today - and it could fly! But I did wonder how it would get on!! They weren't fed today - we don't want them to become dependent on our feed! I'll keep a lookout tomorrow though - thanks :)))

Thanks Kirsten:)))) After the first dunking we thought it would realise that it wasn't a bath - but nope:)))) It had 2 more rolls in the feed:)))
Lucky you!! Crimson Rosellas are Beeeautiful:))))) We get the Pale-headed ones here:))) Thanks :))))


THAT is hilarious!!! Silly young thing. I guess it will learn the hard way!! And I have to tell you. Two beautiful Crimson Rosellas just flew into my garden and are happily munching on our ornamental pear tree. I have NO idea what they are eating. But they look gorgeous!! (•‿•)


What temperatures do you have now at night? As funny as this was it could end up in disaster as sticky feathers do not keep the bird warm. Watch for scruffy looking bird tomorrow. Thanks for this collage, Rob :)


LOL!! You could say that Floyd:))) Thanks :)))


Excitement on the wild side!!


It was a real scream Janet:)))) We have a bird bath nearby - but it gave it a miss:))) I'd say it had an uncomfortable night as it was really soaked !!!Thanks :))))


What an idiot! Rob, the others do not look amused! I wonder if he got himself cleaned up. He would be a sticky mess. Not the brightest one of the flock, I'm guessing. Fabulous photos thanks and hugs to you.


It was hilarious to watch cbmuller - and they're always getting up to something funny:))) Thanks :)))


That's really funny! I would think he could tell the difference between food and a bath!

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