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Dinner with Ardy at the Silver Diner in Arlington, VA
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What a nice start to the day . . . I turn on my PC . . . go to my notifications to see you two smiling back at me . . . my thanks to Bev for "resurrecting" this lovely photo of two of my very favourite friends just in time to wish them a Happy Christmas. I am now grinning from ear to ear . . . ;-)


You're welcome, Bev - Happy Holidays to you and to all!


Sorry,,,,,Thank you Pam. and Happy Holidays!!!


Bless their hearts I am delighted to hear they are with us. Thank you Gogo.


Sandi and Ardy ("ringleader") are still very much among us here at jigidi!!


I recognized these two ladies from last year, I'm about six scrolls down and I feel the same today as I did then .....Hope these ladies are still with us.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sandi ......12-23-17...4:45pm Bev.


It was wonderful! I enjoyed it very much.


Only just found this one, Sandi! I recognised Ardy straight away! And it's so nice to see you too! Looks like you had a very happy time! x Nicco x


I enjoyed the puzzle. :-)
You two ladies look so happy, it makes me happy just to look at you!!


Me, too...just discovered this! Bookmarked! ;DDD


I am just now seeing this. What a great photo!! Thank you both for sharing it ☺


Such a great, happy photo of the two of you, Sandi and Ardy. Wow! I love it :)))
Thank you Sandi for posting it :)




O M G....that is my mom on the right and her sister, my aunt, on the left. Maria and Antonia.
I swear these two, beautiful ladies, could be my relatives. They are a fabulous duo and thank you for this picture Sandi. Bev. 6-18-16..10:54 a.m.


Sandi and Ardy, You are two lovely ladies and so very nice to meet you!
Love those smiles and you made my day:-)
Hugs to both of you ❤️❤️


Look at you girls, brightening my day, thank you so much. I just learned a new word, q-tips, now I understand. Hugs, hugs and more hugs.


I love this photo of the two of you. Am smiling back at you. ♥
~Thanks, Sandi.


I'm so happy for you to have meet ☺◡☺


How wonderful and fun and exciting to meet up! I love this photo of you two gals!


It was great to share a real hug or two or three. With all the Jigidiers I've met it hasn't been like a first time meeting. It's like good friends getting together again. Wish we lived closer. Sandi and her hubby are such happy people. It raises ones spirits to be with them. I'm so glad it worked out so we could have this time together. Thanks, Sandi. HUGS for both of you.


Thanks girls, I just need those smiles and the love you're sharing. West Oz


How nice ... :) :)


What a nice surprise . . . I turned on my PC . . . came to Jigidi and found this lovely photo of 2 lovely ladies staring back at me. It has certainly brightened up my day and I am now smiling as much as you are/were . . . :-)
Thank you so much for posting this Sandi . . . I'll go an post a whoosher or two now . . . ;-)


What a great photo! Thanks Sandi and hope the rest of your trip was as happy as this!


How wonderful to see two lovely Jigidi friends meeting up for the first time. Thanks so much for this lovely photo, Sandi! :-)


I bet it was! (❛ᴗ❛)


We had a nice (although short) visit. It was so wonderful to give her a "real" hug!


Ooooh. How lovely to see you both looking so happy!! Hello friends!! ((HUGS))

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