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Zeus, the Rescued Blind Owl with Stars in his Eyes

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This beautiful little Western Screech Owl was found emaciated+blind, on someone's porch in California one morning. It's believed he had flown into the wall of a house+hit his head. It was discovered that the cause of the accident was his blindness. He was scared, but otherwise unharmed. After a trip to the vet, he was found a permanent new home at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California, where the dedicated team of animal lovers got him back on his feet+fully recovered. Because of his blindness, he couldn't simply be released back into the wild, so he lives happily in a trunk on a filing cabinet next to the center's founder, Paul Hahn's desk.

Named "Zeus" after the Greek God of the Sky+Thunder, because of his stunning eyes, which look like a star studded night sky.
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Thanks for this lovely photo. Owls are my favourite bird.


Honesty, sis, I was spellbound when I saw this little fella+with such a heartwarming story, I just had to post them! Those eyes are truly mesmerizing. As you just said on the other pic - it's a miracle that he was found in time. I doubt he'd have lasted all that long in the wild, because of his blindness. I think it's amazing that he'd reached adulthood in the wild, isn't it? And as you say, being such a wee thing. Bless. ; )


I love happy endings.


Isn't he, daisy22. It's often the flaws in life which create the greatest beauty, such is the case with Zeus. ; )

he's beautiful!

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