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Patio 3 Owls on a Bench 6-2-13

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  1. like921150:30
  2. e0070:31
  3. gadzeus0:32
  4. thee0:33
  5. Grandma_W0:34
  6. BobE440:35
  7. kathygoog0:37
  8. masterj0:37
  9. Robbos0:38
  10. lelabugosi0:38


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Ahhhhhhh 2clubs ~ Don't know how I missed these little fuzzy ones!! Thanks for jigging them


Love owls and have a few like these, very cute.

Well, owls sleep in the daytime you know. The morning sun has got them nice and warm and cozy there by the pretty blue pillows.

I have a 'thing' for owls and love seeing them wherever they show up!


Yes, with the new throw pillows but I do not see them throwing them! Wonder where that name came from?? In fact they appear rather quiet.


They look very comfortable.......

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