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Ritamaeki, a settler's farm, Vaermland, Sweden. See comment please.

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It is a damper in the roof to allow the smoke to come out!! When they heated with smoke it had to come out after some time!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Hanne, I know one of the roof projections must be a chimney, but what is the other one?


In the winter time the front alcove would be very handy! I like the looks of the building, but the setting is what is magnificent! Thank you so much, Hanne!
(that hike must be a killer!)


Thanks Ank, I do agree totally!!


Yes that's big. Big enough to make it comfortable. Love it


Thanks Ardy, I'm pleased that you like it!! Oh by the way, it's very common to build these entrances to protect the door to the house itself. They use it for clothes, boots, snowshovel etc.


I notice that even the front door is protected. Thanks Hanne.. Good information.


481110 - and thank you for yours!! I'm so glad you like it!!

It is a bit bigger than yesterdays mountain hut, but not much. They never built large houses, had to think about the warmth. Ok, after all they did make bigger houses, but you can see when you visit them, that the heating has been a problem. It wasn't here! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


This place looks much bigger than the previous ones. And the place where it is seems to be a beautiful landscape. :))
Thanks for the information Hanne.


very interesting Hanne - thank you for the visit.


Alreadey in 1600 Finnish-Swedish people tried their luck settling in Sweden, and this is a Finn farm from early 1600. As the centuries passed more and more buildings were made and today it is a stately property, but unfortunately left and made into a museum. To come to it you have to walk about 2 km right up into the air, the mountains are friendly but very steep and I can't help thinking how difficult it has been to come to the place. I'm sure that they used quite different paths from those we use today. Perhaps. On the other hand, they made what they needed, the only thing they had to buy was salt. The house is very well built and restored, in summer weekends you can buy coffe etc and homemade cakes.

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