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This was given to me and I used it many times if I had a short time to make the Swedish pancakes I would use both..This one is electric and you are suppose to pour the dough on the outside of the pan but I used the inside and it worked great
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Val, it’s such a relief knowing our pets are back to normal and Thanks for letting me know tho I did see and comment on Bella’s post❣️ What was happening with Lincoln..was he upset over Bella or just refused to eat❣️ Glad they are both OK😺
Hugs dear friend❣️🌸❣️


Eva thank you for asking Bella is back to her normal sweet self, thank goodness, her scratches healed quickly. Lincoln is eating again so he is back to his happy self too. Many hugs dear friend♥♥♥


Val, Sweet and sour crepes, why not…my mom used fresh orange and the grind..and when you look at the recipes on the Internet you’ll find many more exciting combinations 😺..They are so easy to make and we both enjoy them, but I don’t either make them much❣️

I’m still concerned about Bella and haven’t done anybody’s puzzles so if you reported an upgrade then I’m not aware❣️ I truly hope she is OK😺 Hugs and kisses❣️❣️

Thanks Val and Hugs to you my friend❣️🌸❣️


Ardy, it’s always sad when a restaurant shuts down where you knew the food was good and it was fun❣️

My mom made crepes both for entertainment and for dessert..She would make a cream sauce and add shrimp for an appetizer and she would do something with an orange and serve with the orange grind..Yes, she was a great cook in her time😺

Thanks dear and Hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️


Eva we have a crepe pan but hardly ever make them, I do love eating them we have ours with lemon juice and sugar sprinkled over them Hugs my friend♥♥♥ @Kossamu


We used to have a restaurant here called The Magic Pan whose specialty was crepes. Those making the crepes were out where you could watch them. The food was delicious and being there was such fun. I was so sorry when they closed. Thanks, Eva. Hugs my friend♥♥



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