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166. Across Canada (small)

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Hello to Peggy's Cove...near Halifax, Nova Scotia

In June we travelled by rail from Vancouver (British Columbia) to Montreal (Quebec) where we spent five nights. We then took an overnight train to Moncton (New Brunswick). Next we drove to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia), and flew home from Halifax.
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Sorry, Jill, I missed your comment...we must have posted at the very same time. Peggy's Cove is in ALL the tourist brochures as it is frequently featured on calendars or in travel magazines as it is quite picturesque...when there are NO tourists around! It was difficult to see the rocks for the tourists that day! LOL ;DDD

Those glaciers of long ago really stripped Nova Scotia down to the bare rock, Ella...lots of coastline looking like this. :)


Great place for some climbing fun! Beautiful view, too.




Yeah....I think he must've been a tourist...because Dutch boys don't do that....LOLOLOL


Right, Impie, it was the fountain in the inner courtyard...and the little brat wasn't just "there"...he was performing as well! ;D


Faye these smoothed rocks look amazing for clambering over. Pretty lighthouse perched there. Lovely photo, thanks


Oh Faye, I'm smiling hearing you say about the 'photo bombers' ....I remember you mentioned something about a boy and the monument or statue in front the house of Parliament in The Hague! ":-)))


We just crossed, Andie...yes, blue sky ALWAYS enhances a picture of a lighthouse! ;DDD


If you remove all the summer roadwork and detours in an unfamiliar city, Ardy, Halifax is only about an hour and a half's drive away from Peggy's Cove. It was a lovely day but coach tour after coach tour spoiled had to stand and wait as the flux moved on to get a picture with just a FEW people in it...some of them frequently walking right in front of your camera...or standing there staring at you instead of moving out of your frame. But, we're glad we did it! :)))

We are very lucky, Wendy...and it's such great fun to see a picture of a place you've been and be able to say, "I was there!" ;DDD


A beautiful day Faye,I'm so glad .It enhances this very impressive lighthouse.Thanks dear friend.♥☺♥☺♥


I have heard so much about Peggy's Cove and seen a lot of pics. How lucky you are to be able to see it in person. What an amazing trip you had. - Wendy


So glad you had a pretty day at Peggy's Cove. But I remember it as being quite a distance from Halifax. One time we stayed there overnight and went on to Halifax the next day. It is a gorgeous spot. I don't know how many times we went there. Thanks, Faye, Wonderful memories. ♥♥

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