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You aren't gonna make me wear this on our walk, are you?

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Lulu is afraid the stalker/kitty might attack thinking she's a mouse. Now that they poked noses a few nights ago, Lulu wants to stay friends. I did get a picture that showed the cat on the phone, but when I downloaded it, you could barely see the cat in the picture. We'll have to try again. ("
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Yes, please post lots more pics of her!

Cats, on the other hand, do not have to be walked in all weathers.


Cats are an 'iffy' pet to me, I do like them, but they tend to do what they want.

Part of Lulu's line was also mentioned as half wolf, not sure how anyone would know a full line of descendants though. I'm thinking of buying her another large ball, they're 10" and she couldn't get her teeth into so far. I'd love to see if she would try to herd them. And, yes, she is smart. I swear I can see the wheels turning as if she's deciding whether to listen to me or do her own thing. I should post a few pictures of that 'look'. (:


With those genetics lines, she must be SO smart! If I were inclined to room with a dog, I would ask for one of her puppies.

Isn't it interesting that herding is innate and not taught. I know that wolves do a form of herding, so it must be really ancient.

I have a cat who can open doors, too, but he isn't as polite as Lulu; he will signal that he wants food by biting me.


From what I was told Great Dane, Dalmation and Border Collie, with a few other names thrown in. She looks like a Border Collie with shorter hair & about the right size. Also has the brains and energy of one. Her first birthday was New Years Day. I used to hold treats and she would follow me on hind legs along the driveway. She still does it on her own occasionally. Lulu will also go find her toys by name, if she can't get at it, she will run back and forth to me and where it's out of her reach. Gets her leash when she wants out, picks up dropped items for me, opens a door on command if I turn the doorknob just enough so she can either poke or use her feet. Poking with her nose is a big thing for her if she wants my attention for something. As a puppy she 'herded' things like ice cubes, toys or frozen veggies. Also an over sized hard plastic ball, she pokes and rolls it all over the back yard at at full speed. I plan on buying a few more to see if she will try to keep them together. Playing is her greatest exercise since I can only walk at a slower pace.


She walks on her hind legs? What breed is she?


When it comes to fun, toys, jumping around,walking on her hind legs or chasing her tail she loves it. (:


Poor, sweet, long-suffering Lulu! :o)


Who's a good dog? YOU'RE a good dog, yes you are!


Hahaha. She doesn't mind silly stuff as long as it involves picture taking and a treat after. (:


Now don't make me call the Animal Dignity Police.

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