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Lonely Hut

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The Roof of the World - this is how the name of the Pamir mountain system is often translated. The Pamir is located on the territory of Tajikistan, China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. At the same time, it is closely connected with other highest mountain systems in the world - Tien Shan, Karakorum, Hindu Kush, the Himalayas. Their severity and great height distinguish the Pamir mountains. There are many glaciers, lakes, and rivers here. Living conditions are very harsh, and there is a place for high mountain deserts, where the polar climate prevails.
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Hey Jean,
How's or little Lady in Red?
Here's hoping you're up to some mischief or enjoying yourself with the family:)
Maybe some other wicked excuse for being AWOL! :}}
Great photo! How'd you get out there to take that?
And getting a shot of the
"Snarling, Lion Headed, Camel backed Mountain Rock Dinosaur"
is unbelievable! Thought it was extinct!
Think you'll have the Worlds Paleontologists knocking on the door!
Hope you don't mind but posted a blow up of it on my site, just to try and explain the ravings of my mind
Take care, stay well!
Hopefully hear from you soon John


I agree, nanap.... I will look up the Pamir system as well! Thanks friend, Jean!!!!


Breathtaking scenery and fascinating info...a jigidi geography lesson :-D I wasn't familiar with the Pamir mountain system.


Lonely hut, only hut! Big mountains! Oh my!




So glad you're enjoying this landscape, Helen-


wow!!!! My kind of puzzle, friend Jean, full of crags, shrubs, snow, and even little animal trails!!! Thanks so much!


Could well be, DJ- Let's hope so-


This is probably a lifesaving cabin built to house the ranchers in the summer and have a shelter in the winter for anyone caught out in the weather. :-)) dj


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