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BLUE - Bachelor's Buttons in our yard

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I didn't know why either, but I suspected. So I googled it & sure enough, it's because they're known for growing wild in corn fields. I've heard of corn flowers, & the color "corn flower blue", but did not know that corn flowers & bachelors buttons were the same flower. So I learned something new today! :)


Hi Gina, we call them corn flowers in the UK do not know why but there we go.


Thank you RoseHeather. It's easy to take lovely pictures here, since we have so many pretty flowers, both wild & domestic. Many of the domestic ones are a legacy from the old man who owned our place before us. He left much of the land in a wild state, which is why we get so many wild flowers that other properties around here don't have. People have to visit the special botanical trails & such to see them. He also made flower beds all around the house, & along our driveway which is about 500 feet long, & in several smaller beds scattered around our place. All of the beds are filled with gorgeous irises, daffodils, lilies, roses & other flowers that we enjoy seeing all through the spring & summer months. So I will be posting many photos of our flowers from time to time.


Lovely image.


LOL, we have so many wild grasses & weeds around here, it's impossible to control them except in our flowerbeds, but here next to the fence they're thriving. Sophia gets into them when she's yapping at the neighbors' dogs, & we pick the burrs out of her fur several times a day. We keep the grass well mowed on most of our property so the dogs don't get burrs unless they wander into the taller grass areas where it's too steep or rough to mow.


Beautiful thanks Gina, but quite hard with all that grass! Fabulous blue Cornflowers. hugs.

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