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So Long Skippy... I'll miss you

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Just found out that Skippy Peanut Butter will no longer be available in Canada. It's a sad day for Canadians :-(
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You're welcome, XP, & thanks for your interest. I, many concerned others, and the orangs certainly appreciate your caring.

Most animal care facilities, such as zoos, that include orangs in their population, are making efforts to make the public aware of this crisis. It is a grave, on-going situation.


Thanks gogogo - I will do some googling this afternoon :-)


Sorry, I meant to say, about Jif: it appears to contain NO palm oil ingredients.

There are websites that educate about the palm oil crisis and list products which do & don't contain palm oil. Just search for "palm oil crisis" or "palm oil plantations" & you will find relevant info.

Often palm oil will be contained in a product, but will be described using different ID wording than "palm oil". The websites provide those alternate names, also.


Thanks gogogo - I was not aware about the Palm oil plantations destroying habitats. That is something that would make me change brands.. and this is prime brand choosing time for me lol.

What was your verdict with JIF?


Sorry you are losing your favorite brand of peanut butter, XP. Sounds like you will turn to Jif to "fuel your fun" in future. (I had no idea Skippy had that line, "Fuel the Fun!")

We use Jif Extra Crunchy in our household - we are not "smoothies", as you are. :-D

I was just re-examining Jif jar for ingredients. I try to be careful about palm oil usage, as palm oil plantations are swiftly destroying orangutan habitat, and habitat of other wildlife that live in affected areas of Borneo & Sumatra. These very intelligent great apes could be gone from the wild within just a few years - it is a sadly serious situation. :-((

Thank you for the puzzle & for stirring my interest in the matter of WHY Skippy will no longer be available in Canada. Have been googling for info, so have learned a little something. :-)


LOL Boston_Jack - I did see that JIF is also made by Smuckers, but I thought bringing it up would further upset you and I was worried for your blood pressure lol


LOL wow you really are worked up about your peanut butter..... I myself don't care that much about all natural - I checked JIF's ingredients - there's nothing in there that scares me and I like the taste of it........ so I'm good with that.

Thanks for all the info though........ Even if it was delivered a little aggressively lol :-D


LOL I'm sorry to hear about your immense frustrations with Skippy Peanut Butter @boston_jack
I think Squirrel Peanut Butter was a little before my time as I don't remember it at all... but I'm fairly certain that JIF Peanut Butter still has the peanut on top, (I also fought with my brother to get the peanut... he won most of the time cause he's bigger & older than me LOL) although it's been a long time since I bought it. It's Probably going to be my go to brand now that I can't get Skippy anymore.


Is it because of an allergy fodus? Either way, I'm sorry to hear that you can't have it. Peanut Butter was a staple in my house when I was growing up and one of my favorite foods.


I'm not allowed to have peanut butter!


Thanks canidlover :-) I have tried natural peanut butter and it does taste good, what I like more about Skippy is the texture, I like it "Smooooooth" lol

I'm sure other Cadians have bigger problems, like the economy and stuff, but I find that stuff very depressing and so choose to remain ignorant of the worlds problems :-) (it's how I stay happy lol)

Lucky Canadians, if that's ALL you have to be sad about . . . besides, it's full of sugar (which is why it's so well-liked). Try natural peanut butter . . . much better tasting and better for you!

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