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Boring puzzle of the night: faucet

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35 pieces
42 solves
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  1. Ribs1:26
  2. wastedangle1:27
  3. Dclo1:31
  4. Isaly1:51
  5. tupelohunney1:54
  6. jyou1:57
  7. Zuma2:02
  8. mble1119112:05
  9. Jitule552:05
  10. Annie172412:05


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Not kidding... Gravel puzzle by Morris186 on June 5, 2016. Check it out. Great fun just reading the comments. I was just coming over here to tell you I was beat and heading to bed. Great minds think! Good night, D. -M


Are you serious or kidding? Anything over 170 pieces or so and I can barely see the pieces on my laptop. I'm watching "The Sting" right now and am going to put up a "still" of it tomo night. It's a pretty good pic. I have to get to bed, goodness it's after 11 already. My bro told me yesterday that that "window seat" pic was three years old. Still a good pic though. I am b-e-a-t. Was there really a 540 piece of gravel? Uh oh I'm rambling. Talk tomorrow M, D

What Dave??? You didn't take on the 540 pc Gravel Challenge?? LOL! I managed to finish it in a little over 20 hrs (with LOTS of breaks - not straight through).


That is EXACTLY right BH, yuck. Take care, Dave


Boring would be 540 pieces. LOL.

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