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Brookside Gardens At Christmas

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NESSIE!!! This fountain pond is lower than the rose gardens with several steps going down. But they also have a ramp with cross strips on it to make it safer. Good for going down with the wheelchair but hard for getting back up. I wanted Cheerie Lou to let me walk up but she was determined to push the chair with me in it. The wheels got stuck part way up in the cross strips. A young couple with a stroller were at the top of the ramp. He ended up coming down and helping CL get the wheel chair unstuck. By then I was at such an angle that I could not get out of the chair so just sat quietly. But it was all so worth it to see Nessie. ☺
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It's my top favorite too. You're welcome, Mila and thank you.


Brilliant! The star of the show! Great photos, thank you Ardy! Mila


You're welcome, Lunie. I hope your granddaughter is feeling better and got to see Nessie and the baby.


Thank you, Shirley. This was worth the whole trip!!!!


Bravo Ardy! We all are impressed at Nessie! Thanks for bringing us to it.


Oh Wow! this is spectacular, painting with lights, I loved all the lights but this one is my favourite , I Love him, Thanks, Ardy.


Thank you, Faye. That weather is unusual for you isn't it? Glad it will warm up while you are gone so it won't be as hard for your friend to keep the feeders warm. πŸ’–πŸŽ„πŸ’–


You're welcome, Barb. This isn't the last. I've been showing the pictures basically in the order I took them. The one exception would be the one I used for Mette's birthday which would have followed this one. Hugs πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„


Thank you, Jill. I almost didn't go down to this section as I thought it was too much for Cheerie Lou but she wanted to and I'm so glad. I would have hated to miss this. You could not see the whole display without going down to that level.


Double WOW!...for mum and baby! LOL glad you not only got to see it but snapped it for us, too! Hugs β™₯οΈπŸŽ„β™₯️

I was out at 6:30 this morning shovelling 50 cm of sn** off the corner of our balcony! It was very light and the wind had blown it to the open corner of the deck. It had also blown sn** up against the window and it it was a little difficult pushing open the glass door...but I had to get out to the feeder areas as we had brought in even the heated feeder last night as it had ice in it. It must have been about -10ΒΊC...colder up the Fraser Valley. One more cold night predicted for Wednesday/Thursday but it's expected to warm up Friday.


WOW!! Ardy....Nessie is quite handsome and seemingly in a good mood in your photo. He seems to be smiling. So glad you left the best one for the last....LOL Thank you and hugs πŸ²πŸ™‚β€οΈ


I love it Ardy. Have enjoyed all your great photos of the lights but this tops the lot for me. Such fun thank you


Thank you, AB. If you look closely you'll see the baby Nessie. I'm so glad @racoonstar pointed that out.


You're welcome, US_femail. The drive through ones are nice but not easy to photograph. Here you can stop and stare at something as long as you wish. More to come.


WOW racoonstar. I missed that too. Mom and baby. Thank you!!!!


How superb, all of Nessie tonight.
You really were enjoying your trip out.
Thank you for sharing


WOW! That's FABULOUS!! What a treat! Thank you Ardy!!! and hugs!


Wow! This is great! Thanks for sharing. I went to a local drive thru light show in a county park last light and thought it was nice. These lights are so much better.


I must be really slow, as I just realized there are two Nessies! :D


Love that story, Beth. lol Thanks for stopping by. A very Happy Birthday to you. May your special day be all you would want it to be. Hugs. πŸ’–πŸŽ‚




Thanks Pam. This is my favorite of all.


You're welcome, Sandi.


Thank you, Ella. I loved Nessie. So glad the photo wasn't too bad. Hugs


We have a Nessie "knock-off" here, at Silver Lake near Perry, NY.


Wow!! Thanks for sharing, Ardy! :-)))


This is a wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing it.


Beautiful Nessie, thank you for sharing. Many hugs and greetings.


My favorite of all. Thanks, racoonstar.


Impressive Nessie! :D

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